Top 8 Youtube Marketing Courses in 2022: Grow Your Youtube Channel

Were you aware of YouTubers earning around 1,9 million dollars a year? It’s a lot of the pie! When a producer of content invests heavily in itself, it pays off quite highly. That, too, is possible.

If you are a creator of YouTube content or just an enthusiast, there’s something fresh, exciting to develop and manage your YouTube channel. There are plenty of YouTube courses, videos, and other opportunities to help content creators, draw more viewers and more subscribers. In this article, we listed 15 YouTube marketing courses for you.

1. YouTube Influencer 101 Crash Course—Jumpcut

Jumpcut is an academy created by Jesse and Kong, two content creators who have made viral content their mark on the internet. This crash course is just one of Jump Cut’s many courses. The first course is free, but payment is required for the other courses.
This specific training includes, among other YouTube courses for writers, four e-mails with each linking to a video that takes you through Jesse, the supervisor, four different ideas to make compelling and original material. You will broaden your scope and increase your view with this course. That’s a worthwhile course.

However, remember that after registration, the video associated with the emails has an expiry date, which eventually does not become visible. This course is designed to avoid procrastination for determined people. You can also take valuable video marketing courses to polish your skills. Click the title to take the course.

2. YouTube Creator Academy

Second, The next step is to extend your awareness of this platform once you’re finished setting up your YouTube channel. The YouTube administration itself kindly provides YouTubers to build content, just like you.

The YouTube Creator Academy offers valuable tools from content development to brand dealing to boost your content production capabilities – free of charge!

However, make sure you examine the contents of the curriculum to reach the next step before you want to pay for any online course or course in person. However, most YouTube courses for designers on YouTube are organized by renowned content creators – this is quite comforting. The course is in the title.

3. Setting up a Professional YouTube Channel—Amy Landino

Thirdly, Amy Landino is a recognized writer, keynote speaker, and YouTuber. She is also a vlogger and video branding specialist. You will be given a step-by-step guide to creating your YouTube channel, in line with best practices for channel formation. You get acquainted with anything you have to offer. It helps you.

That being said, you must register for your newsletter or choose the guide lacking future e-mails to access this video course. Click the title to take the course.

4. Introduction to Digital Photography—Alison

The rules and concepts of good photography are very straightforward with film. You will increase trust in your visual journey by knowing how a camera works, framing a shot, and what every functionality is supposed to work on the camera.

It’s another excellent course in our series of creators’ YouTube marketing tutorials. It includes technical components, 13 modules, history teaching, and photography file formats. If you begin following the modules, you will be assessed to verify what you have learned. Click the title to take the course.

5. Before Your Shoot—YouTube Creator Academy

The key components are an excellent concept, top-of-the-range equipment, and flawless implementation for a good YouTube video. To achieve these three components you need a lot of planning and work. Often you can simply not figure out what to do next, or how to implement this great idea. So, where are you going?

You can learn how to improve your video shooting. The tutorial is the first part of an instruction in three sections of YouTube video creation. Before your shoot, your channel or a YouTube news service can teach you the important things for producing high-quality content. Click the title to take the course.

6. During Your Shoot—YouTube Creator Academy

After you’ve learned what you need to know before you go shooting, the next move is to know what to do. But a great camera, lighting, and framing are necessary. Performance in creating YouTube content needs original content and a nice face. Yeah, right, a beautiful face is useful. However, in video shooting, you need excellent skills.
Fortunately, YouTube offers video content creators a part of its website.

During your shooting course, you will learn how to efficiently use lighting, capture your shots and capture professional sound. You will also receive a free one-hour YouTube tutorial.
If along with many other YouTube courses for makers, you do not have experience in videography, this special class is ideal for you. Click the title to take the course.

7. Social Marketing Training—Hootsuite

Hootsuite offers a free course on social media, where you can learn how to reach your content through several social media platforms and improve your brand awareness. You just have to register for free access to all materials – isn’t that perfect?

You will learn that social media is the perfect way to extend your scope while creating videos for a Youtube channel.

But YouTube content does not equal Twitter, Facebook, and other sites for content creation.
The meaning and pattern of the audience as well as how different media contents can be planned and optimized are fully aware of the traditional content of each medium, can not only help to gain further insights but also help you to build a reliable support base. You can get the entire course from the title.

8. YouTube SEO: How to Rank #1 on YouTube—Udemy

Maybe you’ve been searching for an insight course? It’s straightforward. The response is to increase your search results ranking by targeting the SEO content number one spot. It is important to bear in mind two things: subscribers and those looking for your content. The question now is “What is the exact substance of the search?” Ok, we’re still trying to solve the mystery.

This Udemy course is an extremely resourceful platform for creators among many YouTube courses. You will be taught a step-by-step technique with this online course to position your content on the first page of the search results for YouTube. The technique consists of creating engaging thumbnails that attract the attention of potential viewers and master the use of target keywords. You can try this course if you are looking to develop your capabilities in the development of video and marketing. Click the title to take the course.