How to Land the Digital Marketing Job of Your Dreams in 2022

Digital marketing is a trendy, promising, and broad-spectrum advertisement of products and services. Around 56% of online users search for products and services on the search engine before investing in them, while others go to product websites and mobile applications.

Digital marketing enhances the scope of an advertisement on a global level. This is one of the reasons why digital marketing jobs are luring most people. As the field itself is vast, the job market is flourishing, and the speedy shift to virtual mods of business has helped this trend. If you plan to step into digital marketing, you must know the portfolio for digital marketing jobs

Education for Digital Marketing Career

Digital marketing is an extension of the marketing line. While traditional marketing involves advertising through magazines and newspapers, digital marketing focuses on advertising across social media platforms or search engines. The fundamentals of digital marketing are the same as traditional marketing. Thus the courses covering these fields are similar. Digital marketing education is not confined to degrees and courses. It is a continually growing field. You need to develop extra skills on your own to enhance practical work. You must also be more professional with your communication and abilities.  

These are the degrees which you can pursue: 

  • BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration)
  • BBS(Bachelors of Business Studies) with digital marketing as a specialization.
  • MBA(Masters of Business Administration) in digital marketing.


You can also opt for a digital marketing course offline or online. The classes generally last for a minimum of 3 months. However, this can vary according to the institutes. You can opt for a complete course at once or go for the individual topics of digital marketing. DAN Institute lists the best online digital marketing courses from top online course providers.

Essential topics

For a well-paid job, you must ensure that you cover these essential skills and topics:

  • Fundamentals of digital marketing
  • Planning and structure of Websites
  • Fundamentals of Facebook marketing
  • Facebook Ad-Campaigns
  • Google Adwords
  • Marketing on YouTube.
  • Website Integration.
  • Webmaster tools and Google Analytics
  • SEO- Search Engine Optimization Basics

You can check the digital marketing skills in demand for 2020 from our blog post.


The list of the above can help you find a job, but if you want to create a difference in the digital marketing industry, you should dive deeper and focus on these soft and hard skills.

  • Designing.
  • Creative writing.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Mobile marketing.
  • SEO strategies.
  • Team Management.
  • Detail-oriented Planning.
  • Webtools and other add-ons

Since the competition in this area is tough, you should try to polish existing skills and learn new skills. Staying updated with the latest developments can give you an edge. For this, you can try:

  • Adapting to recent trends.
  • Keeping yourself updated.
  • Stepping into content writing.
  • Seeking feedback on your work.
  • Learning to use new tools.
  • Taking risks with the templates or layouts.
  • Staying updated with the Search Engine Optimization guidelines.


Impressive CV for Digital Marketing Career

To grab the attention of the recruiters, an impressive CV or resume is a must. It would be best to be precise and clear about your skills, experience, motive, and spirit. You can follow the given steps to ensure the same:

Step 1: Choose a proper layout or template for your CV, like a sidebar or box layout.

Step 2: Come up with an eye-catching and bold heading. 

Step 3: Be expressive about your skills and mention your certifications properly.

Step 4: Give a straightforward statement about why you think you are eligible for the post. Explain how you are better than other candidates.

Step 5: Mention your experience in detail. Write down the exact period of your job or internship, company name, and job post. Try attaching an experience certificate for each position.

If you are a fresher with no experience, you can mention the projects you undertook during your study, freelance work, relevant certifications, and side projects.

Finding a digital marketing job

After graduation, you are ready to hunt for a job. The first question is: how to find a job in digital marketing?

Let’s go through a quick list of job posts. Applying for any job will not lead you anywhere. Choosing the right position for yourself and patiently pursuing it, is the first step to finding a job. You must know what your dream job is before entering the job market:

Performance Marketing Jobs

These type of marketing jobs needs mathematical skills more than creative skills. If you like to work with numbers, you should check out these professions.

  • Market analyst: An analyst researches the market performance of the product or services and writes reports on the customer’s purchase habits, priorities, the demand of the product or service in the market, the scope of success, and conditions of the market.
  • Consultant: A consultant reviews web designs, layouts, articles, SEO executions, advertisement rates, promotions on social media, and the overall influence of the product or service on the audience. They also handle the improvement of strategies and customer engagement and help the company make the right impact on its target audience.
  • SEO manager: The responsibility of an SEO manager is to check, improve, and manage SEO strategies. They must also prepare and present reports regularly, go through the keyword search, improvise keywords to target the audience better, and stay updated with the latest SEO rules.
  • PPC manager: They have to maintain the keywords list, update them, manage pay-per-click strategies, work in coordination with Google AdWords, provide and interact with the whole team to fulfill client’s demands, and prepare reports on the client’s goals.
  • Conversion rate optimizer: This person is responsible for optimizing the landing pages by incorporating frequently searched and relevant keywords to attract customers’ attention. This increases traffic and the customer view rate. They also report the benefits from social media marketing graphically or statistically.

Creative Digital Marketing Jobs

These jobs are the more creative part of the digital marketing industry. Of course, there will be KPIs and targets. However, you should be a creative thinker to be successful in these professions.

  • Social media analysts: They analyze the social media platform’s engagement rate, suggest the most beneficial ones, and inform the company about the latest trends on social media. They increase customer-company engagement by suggesting new ideas for posts, blogs, and articles on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Email marketer: Their role involves emailing product or service prospectus to the customers or dealers, keeping them updated on new schemes, luring them with discounts, adding links to emails, attracting more customers, and making them aware of the company’s products, projects, and events.
  • Content writer: These are the professional writers who grab people’s attention and convince them to buy the products or services. Content writers create blog posts, articles, content for web pages, advertisements, and information to be displayed on websites. They plan, write, and edit the content to make it more eye-catching and exciting.
  • Influencer: They have a high level of interaction with the audience and good relations with them. The influencer keeps their audience engaged with their power or knowledge and convinces them to try certain products or services.
  • Designer: A designer is responsible for adding and suggesting graphics and layouts. They make the interaction colorful, impressive, ordered, more impactful, and engaging.

Finding a job in digital marketing is not difficult when you are clear about your capabilities. A well-planned resume with proper certifications will lead you to a good job. Visit company websites and keep yourself updated through different sources. This will help you in finding a job quickly, according to your qualifications and interests. You can go for online job hunting websites or try sending applications to the top digital marketing companies or agencies.

How to get a job at a digital marketing agency? 

The agencies always want to hire people with experience and capability since the person who deals with the client requirements should be the best. No company wants unsatisfied clients, so most of them prefer experienced applicants. To get a job in an agency, you must keep updating your skills and portfolio, searching for vacancies, sending your CV to these agencies, and staying professional. Assessing and practicing your skills is an essential factor that will help you climb the ladder of success.

How to get an entry-level digital marketing job?

Having experience makes your path easy for future jobs. But what if you don’t have any experience? Don’t worry. You simply have to show your dedication and hard work through certifications from online courses, side projects, and any internships at the agency concerned. As long as you can fulfill the qualifications required, have a firm foundation, and have useful skills, no one can stop you from getting your dream job.

A good CV or resume is a fateful first step. A candidate’s skills, like time management, discipline, English proficiency, and creativity, are significant factors that can increase their chances of getting a job. 

Some online course certifications for Google Ads or social media improve your place value and help get entry-level jobs. You can find the list of best social media courses at the DAN Institute.

It’s still not enough to merely possess all the qualifications and skills. You must be prepared for the interview as well. You should be confident, focused, and meticulous while answering. Follow these steps, and you will be able to land the job.