How to Market Your Online Course & Increase Sales in 2022

The digital platform has given a boost to teaching and learning methods on a vast scale. The Internet is flooded with various online courses but the question is how many of them are successful? How many of them perform to their best potential? Even if you possess good teaching skills it is still important to find an effective way to deliver your content by using the online platform to its best and target audience successfully to increase sales. An optimised strategy for your online course marketing or business would help you to achieve these goals. Although creating a suitable marketing strategy can be overwhelming.

How to Market Your Online Course?

It can be tough to cope-up with the modern trends in this ever-evolving digital world. There’s always a need to update your plans and methods by making frequent adjustments in your marketing strategy for producing better results. Before creating the final game plan to market your online course here are some tips to increase sales in 2021.

Online course providers can market their course by using the following tips.


1 – Content Marketing

This first step is to create helpful content for your audience. These can be videos, blogs, or helpful resources and guides anything related to your subject. The purpose of content marketing is to create appropriate content that would target your desired audience to generate awareness and engagement around your brand.

Creating effective content requires being strategic in your content marketing decisions. Creating content just for the sake of it makes the marketing of online courses worse. Know your audience better and try to understand exactly who it is you’re trying to attract. You might conduct polls or a survey on this for creating custom content to serve the unique needs of customers conveniently.

According to Dragon 360 Search Marketing, 61% of consumers say that they are more likely to buy from a company that provides custom content. In the world of digital marketing, many online education providers built various custom content resources on their website to invite visitors and allow them to self-select their required category.

2 – Social Proof

Social proof helps to create different opportunities to engage and convert your audience for significant marketing. It enables you to form testimonials on your website, customer ratings on your online store, or simply logos of the partners or customers you work with. All these services are considered important to interact with your audience and know them better.

Social proof has proven to produce higher conversion rates across websites, sales pages, and landing pages.

Logos from the press or partners

Featuring logos from press or partners across the website pages enables to create instant credibility with the audience.

Customer reviews & testimonials

Dedicate a page for customer reviews, ratings, complaints or suggestions to receive a response and study your performance concerning the delivery of satisfaction to the audience. Customer testimonials and ratings are crucial for overall improvement.

Social Proof Tool

You might use social proof notification software to display activity notifications to new visitors or to demonstrate account sign-ups, recent activity and live visitor counts which in turn increases your chances of selling the online course.

3 – SEO

SEO acts as a key component in any online course marketing strategy to drive inbound traffic to your site through search engines. On-site and off-site SEO are the two main components to be focused on. Start by getting your on-page elements right first which includes:


  • H1, H2, and H3 tags.
  • Page titles and descriptions.
  • Setting intentional image ALT text.
  • Optimizing your text-based content by using relevant keywords.
  • Internal linking structure.
  • Offer technical SEO like site speed and structure.

After you have tackled your on-site SEO, the next step is turning to off-site SEO. Selling an online course becomes easy by optimizing SEO.

4 – Social Media

Social media can act as a blessing and curse at the same time, it’s important to use social media effectively with a strategy as it leads to various promotional ideas for online course providers. Try to focus on cultivating community and create engagement by showing up consistently to build a loyal following. After that, you can branch out to invest resources to attend other channels once you’ve mastered your area.

Social media enables reaching out to a wide audience in less time and it supports the delivery of content at high speed, across every channel possible. Social media has proven to be a great platform for spreading online course marketing significantly. Remember that there’s no need to be present on every social media site at once. It will spread you too thin with the worst results. Instead, recognize what channel matches with your target audience and stay more active on those channels.

E.g. Nidhi Kumar understands the power of niching down on social media channels well. She is a content creator who teaches online dancing tutorials. She primarily engages her fans and gets followers on Instagram and YouTube. Investing time in the channels where she is both the most skilled and her audience is supportive with different suggestions and compliments that help to tap into a sweet spot for her social media marketing strategy.

5 – Podcast

Podcasts are proven to benefit online course marketing. It acts as an effective source to get the word out about your brand, and it also helps you to position yourself as an expert in your field. Also, the podcast is a great way to network with big names in your niche. The podcast is one of the best ways for populating channels with content.

They are inexpensive and hold the ability to effectively leverage the social proof principle. For example, if a podcast host wants to interview you, then you must have something worthwhile to share with society.

6 – Build Your Email List

A well-organised email list helps to attract new visitors to your site and enables you to capture all the site traffic for engaging your viewers.

Make a priority to build your email list, which includes the addition of something valuable enough for the visitor to permit you to contact them. Try offering free resources like guides, checklists, or training that would lead you to capture email addresses effectively. Other strategies are to use homepage, landing pages, event registrations, or special promotions as a way to drive email sign-ups which acts as a great lead magnet.

For example, YouTube channels use their content as a way to capture emails from their most-watched videos. A link in their video descriptions leads to a sales page or website.

Advanced Online Course Marketing Tips

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has proven to increase the amount of traffic to your site. It is a powerful tactic that is used for selling an online course that can increase the amount of traffic to your site. The strategy is to create permanent digital trails that lead back to your web pages. Guest blogging is good for SEO and it also boosts your credibility in required fields.

Bryan Harris’s experiment with guest blogging is one of the best ways to understand the benefits of guest blogging. Harris is the Founder of VideoFruit who wrote a guest post on Noah Kagan’s blog (the Founder of Sumo) and observed a 600% per cent increase in unique page views to his site.

Online Group Discussions

Another killer strategy to increase your sales is by conducting online group discussions. This strategy carries on the theme of capitalizing on existing communities for increasing the awareness of your brand. Relevant conversations that engage people in groups like Quora, Facebook, Linked In, or other online forums can provide more insights into promotional ideas for online course providers. It enables you to tap into a wealth of market insights and understand the consumer’s needs.

The best way is to search for the groups within your niche that include your target audience and monitor the ongoing conversations. This is a great strategy in which you get a chance to observe the outside of the existing community to identify common questions and shared challenges. For example, Quora works as a great question and answer site and it conveniently discovers the most asked questions around a particular topic with suitable answers.

Paid Traffic

This strategy is last on the list because it won’t give you a complete benefit of the profit. Paid traffic is a powerful marketing tactic where you have to share your profit to gain popularity or increase awareness. Before you spend a bunch of money on ads to market your online courses or business surveys it is important to get some basic knowledge of the market for knowing the demands of the consumer to ensure effective online course marketing.

Conclusion : Build a Strategy for Your Online Course Marketing

With numerous online course providers out there on the internet, it is important to follow a marketing strategy for building an online presence. Always make sure you have quality assets and resources to deliver to the consumers. Developing free content and adding social proof can be a great start at the initial stage for any website that provides an online course. Later you might invest in ads to increase popularity. Note the above strategies for improving your online course marketing and try to implement creativity to achieve effective selling of an online course.