Top 10 Platforms to Create and Sell Online Courses

When it comes to building your brand, sharing knowledge, and earning extra money, online courses are a surefire way of doing it. There are many people offering online courses these days: freelancers and small business owners, as well as digital marketing companies and knowledge-based niche brands.
In addition to making money, their goal is to build a network of people who enjoy digital material. Besides the subject matter, you should focus on course-related technological issues. You may create and administer your course on online learning sites. Discover the most effective ways to create and sell online courses in 2021.

How to Create and Sell Online Courses?

Organizations stand to gain greatly from creating an online course because it can serve as a new revenue stream, but it can also serve as an invaluable lead-generating resource.

For inbound lead generation to be successful, you must be able to create engaging and educational content for people at every point of the buying process. Using online courses as a lead magnet for new clients might help your organization reach new heights in the content marketing world.

Following your decision to try your hand at an online course, the next step is deciding on a topic for your course. But how do you find the best online platform to sell courses?

Analyze Your Own Level of Knowledge and Experience

In order to create and sell online courses, you should provide your students with useful and original content and you should draw on your personal experiences when creating your course.

Unless you can demonstrate your expertise, your audience will not be willing to pay for your services.

As a result, begin by considering your areas of expertise. What sectors of your business are you particularly knowledgeable about? How much money is your company already making off of what?

That’s the area where people are most in need of assistance, and you have their trust in that area already.

Brainstorming Session

Before create and sell courses on an online platform, a good starting point is to consider the issues your consumers currently seek assistance on when you’re confused about what to talk about.

Find the places that frustrate them and seem tough for them to do, and try to alleviate their pain points. In your mind, you see yourself as the answer to their problem.

Investigate Your Options

To assess if your idea has the potential to become a full-fledged course, perform some research after you’ve gotten some inspiration.

Besides researching the topic, you should also look into whether or if a course is already available on the subject. This isn’t to dissuade you from building your own course; rather, it’s to give you some insight into how other people have approached the topic.

Consider a new perspective or angle on an old subject instead of trying to invent something that hasn’t been done before (which is nearly impossible). That’s what will set you apart from the rest of the pack.

Best Online Course Creation Platforms

In this list, you may find the best online course creation platforms.


Right now, LearnWorlds appears to be gaining a lot of traction as one of the best online course creation platforms to sell video courses online. They see themselves as a “premium” choice that offers high interaction and social learning capabilities to go along with the normal course material.

There is a lot of importance placed by the company on its tools to create sales websites for courses, and these do look really great! Even if you don’t want to sign up, you can try them out using LearnWorlds’ simulator. With the full website builder functionality it debuted in 2020, LearnWorlds is also going closer to an “all-in-one” to sell video lessons online than other platforms in this category.

LearnWorlds offers craft learning experiences your customers will love. You can boost usage, satisfaction and retention for professional and compliance training, continuing education, and employee/customer onboarding. Start monetizing your skills, experiences and your audience. Get started free today!


This is an ideal platform to create and sell online courses.

Using Pathwright, you can create, teach, and study in the cloud all at once. Paths are the names given to learning resources on the platforms. Pathwright has a lot of tools for creators. Pathwright’s significant features include the following:

Students’ work can be evaluated by collecting photographs, videos, papers, and other materials from path designers. Creators of courses can make changes and updates to their course content from any location and on any device they want. Designing and building courses is a breeze with the Path Builder tool’s drag-and-drop design interface.

Creators may now construct assessments for their students using the platform. Enliven and differentiate your brand with a variety of customizable logos, graphics, and colors.


Thinkific, as one of the best online course creation platforms is an all-in-one software solution for creating, delivering, marketing, and promoting online courses. It also helps you sell them. Dorie Clark, a multi-time bestselling author, frequent contributor on the Learning Revolution podcast, and all-around smart and business-savvy individual has given this platform a great thumbs up.

When it comes to paid or free programs, Thinkific does not charge any transaction fees. Your payment processor (like PayPal or Stripe) will always charge a transaction fee, so you still can’t sell online courses for free.

To create and sell online courses, and market your courses more efficiently, you can use the app store to integrate a variety of additional platforms. The Spaces feature in Thinkific allows for engaging cohort-based courses to be run.


If you’re looking for a platform to sell video lessons online to make money with your skills, consider Teachery, one of the best online course creation platforms. While teaching or presenting, the platform allows for real-time content development within the online course. Using Teachery’s streamlined content production tools, you have complete creative control over the final product. Teachery’s best characteristics include:

Teachery’s ready-made designs, such as the Minimal Template and the Sidebar Template, make course design and creation a snap.

It offers course landing pages for individuals who don’t want to deal with the hassle of maintaining their own websites. There is a maximum of 254 landing pages that can be created.

Create and sell online courses on the go and never run out of new content ideas again with the built-in live editor.


A well-known tool for developing and disseminating online courses is Teachable. Over 100,000 content creators make a career from their work on Teachable platform. The following are some of the platform’s best features to sell courses on this online platform.

You can easily sell video lessons online and customize your online learning business thanks to custom domains, a sophisticated editor, and interaction with your existing systems.

Use Teachable sales page editor to create powerful sales landing pages. All producers get unrestricted access to students, videos, and coaching services.

There are many features that come with a paid subscription, such as lesson plans, one-on-one time with a trainer, milestones, sales dashboards, examinations, and certificates. When offering classes online, you have the option to charge students from all over the world. You can also use promotions and offer packages to draw in more students.


When it comes to helping subject matter entrepreneurs create and sell online courses, Ruzuku goes above and above. This includes everything from creating an excellent course to putting it online and effectively promoting it. Unlimited Webinars are part of their “Up and Comer Plus” package. You can enroll as many students and courses as you like with their Bootstrapper plan, which costs $99 per month (or $74.75, invoiced annually).

This is a good choice if you want an easy-to-use platform and comprehensive support to help you succeed. To see what the platform is capable of, I suggest you sign up for a free trial today.


Click4Course is a great platform to sell video lessons online and it appears to compete favorably with well-established platforms such as Teachable and Thinkific, and it appears to be particularly excellent in the areas of testing, surveys, and certificate capabilities. Moreover, it provides the unique capability of allowing users to specify whether a site is displayed for internal training purposes (in which case a login page is presented) or to sell courses on this online platform.

There is a 30-day free trial (no credit card required), and the monthly charge is $79 ($65 if paid annually) for unlimited learners, plus a 10 percent processing fee for every course sold. There is no minimum purchase requirement.


In order to properly monetize your knowledge and abilities, you must put them to work for you. Kajabi gives you the tools to do just that. Video coaching, digital courses, podcasts, memberships, and newsletters are all examples of online learning content that can generate significant revenue on Kajabi. Using the technology, you may also establish enormous networks of learner communities for your students.

As one of the best online platforms to sell courses, and a multi-tasking solution for the administration of any online learning company, Kajabi’s brand is offered by the company. Each of these sections may be accessible through the dashboard, which provides you with a comprehensive perspective of the overall operation of your company.

Zippy Courses

Zippy Courses was originally built as a WordPress plug-in, but it is now available as a separate platform. Derek Halpern is the man behind it, and he is a well-known and recognized marketer who clearly knows a thing or two about how to develop and sell online courses himself. Overall, this is a rock-solid platform that will get you up and running – and, of course, sell courses on an online platform – in no time.

Course Cats

If you are looking for information to sell courses on an online platform, David Siteman Garland, the man behind Course Cats, is the man to talk to. He has built a number of profitable businesses himself and has taught a large number of others how to do the same.

It was out of his personal dissatisfaction with attempting to turn WordPress – which is fantastic for so many things – into an easy-to-use platform for hosting online courses that he founded Course Cats. You are now able to reap the benefits of his labor. Essentially, Course Cats provides you with “all you need to construct your own excellent course website without the need for a web developer, graphic designer, psychiatrist or an army of 1,000 geeks!” as Garland puts it.


According to Statista, online courses have generated over $46 billion in revenue in just the last year. By 2022, the same study predicts that the e-learning market would have grown to a value of $240 billion, according to the authors.

Needless to say, the moment for online course development has arrived, and the popularity of e-learning is increasing with each passing day.

By choosing the best online platform to sell courses, you may sell video lessons online
And create brand awareness.

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