Best Facebook Advertising Courses in 2022

What is Facebook Marketing? That is the first question everyone has. In short, Facebook Marketing refers to promoting your products and services on the social media platform.

Facebook marketing is gaining more and more popularity due to its efficient way of connecting marketers to their target customers with ease, especially with ads that will get you instant success.

Best Facebook Advertising Courses

Following are some of the best Facebook Advertising courses which will help you to practice your digital marketing skills.

Facebook Advertising Course (Creativelive)

Billy Gene is an internationally known influencer, mentor, and teacher in digital marketing and has revolutionized the strategies of thousands of marketers so far! In this 18-year long Creativelive comprehensive curriculum, he will share some of his secrets on making advertisements, creating ad clones, catching leads, scheduling sales, and much more. 


He’s also going to show you how to upsell, how to reach tourists, and give the sales bridge a sneak peek. As bonus content, the class also comes with a Marketing Workbook and will include an in-depth understanding of various ad formats.

Duration: 18 video lessons

Facebook Ads for E-Commerce: The Complete Guide (Udemy)

Adam Reed is a respected trainer for Ecommerce, Shopify & E-commerce, and he wants to train you to run Facebook ads for your e-commerce platform better and more efficiently in this special program. 


He shows you how to create website conversion ads, enhance your ad copy, develop lookalike audiences, and many other technical aspects of the ads in 10 hours of on-demand content. More significantly, he also takes you through the methodologies that will help you figure out your profit margins, divide your ads without burning excess cash, and effectively scale up your ads.


Get these promotional strategies implemented and appreciate their meaning in today’s marketing scenario. Set the website, payment, budgets, and limitations. Understand and avoid the common errors that beginners make. 

To get started with the lessons, no previous experience is mandatory. Understand the explanation of the essential steps, step by step. Using insight resources for the audience, study your rivals and other advanced topics.

Duration: 10 hours

Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Guide 2020 (Udemy)

Over 100,000 students have helped the CourseEnvy team master social media marketing and refine their Facebook media strategy. Justin O Brien, the author of this curriculum, has plenty of expertise in this area and is also a prolific entrepreneur. 

As Lori Newman puts it, “This video course is very informative, particularly if you are starting to learn about Facebook Ads.” You’ll have a strong base for handling Facebook accounts, advertising & more if you watch it from beginning to end.


More than 95,000 professionals have registered so far as one of the best learning opportunities on the subject. Regularly updated content so that you do not miss any innovations. Ravish your evaluations all the way, strong scores by respondents. Deep dive into the pixels of Facebook, reporting, and insight

Duration: 14 hours

Advertising on Facebook (LinkedIn Learning)

Social media consultant Megan Adams will take you through Facebook advertising basics in this course, helping you understand how to go beyond organic promotional methods.

She’s going to show you the fundamentals of campaign setup, how different tools work, and how to get started with your marketing. She will then move on to other subjects, such as how to target, how to reach your targeted audience, and essential tips for enhancing your advertisement efficiency.


Understanding and setting up an account for the various forms of advertising. Identify your primary audience and target them and select your budget. Create reports and plan them and take action to boost the results. 

Complete your 6 Chapter quizzes and Completion certificate. You can view the lessons offline, and the exercises are available for download.

For the first thirty days after signing up, you can download the course material for free.

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

Complete Facebook Sales Funnel Blueprint (Udemy)

The sales funnel can improve your conversion rates, and this thorough curriculum will allow you to explore all aspects of this technique. You will learn to meet thousands and millions of individuals in the lessons and turn them into customers. 

You will begin by creating an enticing lead magnet that will, among other things, identify your target audience, create an optimized email sequence and a professional landing page. The teacher will share the seven secrets in the bonus segment that will improve your organic Facebook scope. This curriculum will fully train you to become a pioneer in this field with hands-on tasks and elaborate explanations.


The well-designed curriculum is split into relevant sections that help to cover the lessons easily. For your company or personal usage, build optimized pages and groups. Push traffic from YouTube, Instagram, and webinars from other platforms. 

Complete access to the list of videos showcasing the best tips and tricks. Have 120 lectures + 8 tools to be downloaded + 7 articles + assignments + complete lifetime access. You can download the study materials and videos for a nominal fee on the website.

Duration: 12 hours

The Complete Facebook Ads Training (Udemy)

This 4-hour complete course covers basic level and advanced Facebook marketing tactics with hands-on training as the best component.

This course is perfect for all those looking for practical assistance with running these advertisements. It simplifies everything to a degree that everyone can understand quickly. Don’t worry too hard right now and sign up for this Facebook Advertising course here.

The Complete Facebook Marketing Masterclass (Udemy)

Through this tutorial, Diego Davila will teach you how to master Facebook and Instagram, which will help you scale up your business. You will learn a lot of things in this super long and detailed 11-hour training, including laser-sharp targeting your advertising to people who matter, learning how to efficiently use Facebook pixel and retargeting, how to use Facebook Live to communicate with your audience, and how to increase your likes & popularity on Facebook.

To summarize, in this course you will learn how to reach hundreds, thousands or millions of people on Facebook.

Duration: 11 hours

Now that you have various courses with the best reviews you can choose the course that fits your needs. Also if you want to dive deeper into social media marketing you can find more social media marketing courses at DAN Institute.