How to Practice Your Digital Marketing Skills?

In today’s digital age, a business cannot survive in the long run without digital marketing, as it provides a large scope for customer attraction.

Digital marketing involves controlling how one sees your business through electronic media. You can brand your company the way you want, and with the right strategies, you can convert a visitor into a customer.

Today, companies prefer hiring freelance digital marketers who are well versed in their field. If you have a profile that shows how good you are at your work, you can get more projects that you can work on. However, your caliber is dependent on how often and effectively you practice digital marketing skills.

6 digital marketing skills to practice as a freelancer

To have a flourishing freelance career in digital marketing, you need to regularly practice the digital marketing skills given below.

SEO and SEM skills

Search engine optimization is used when someone is looking for a particular item, and the link to your website comes up first, whereas Search Engine Marketing is using paid advertisements to increase traffic. SEO focuses on increasing traffic on the website via organic means, that is, by understanding the algorithm on which search engines like Google work while SEM works on a paid advertising system.

If you want to do well in digital marketing, it is crucial to practice digital marketing skills like SEO and SEM. You can do the same by practicing on your own website at first and then taking up small jobs and applying your skills there. Write a few practice blogs and check their validity based on SEO and SEM.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a huge part of our lives. We spend hours scrolling through social media engines like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. When ads pop up on our social media feed, if we find them attractive, we tend to click on them. This is how you can increase traffic to your website.


If you want to get hired for a digital marketing job, it is crucial for you to master SMM skills. You can practice your SMM skills by establishing a social media account and applying new trends and strategies to your posts. This can end up being in your portfolio when applying for a job, as well.

Customer Relations Management skills

Some people can have a hard time trusting a company through digital media. This is why customer relationship management is important. One must have a consistent ‘customer is king’ approach in digital marketing. CRM uses customer data and past interactions to maintain relations with shoppers. A website can have a reviews section or a comments section where past buyers can talk about their experiences. This would help in increasing the new clients’ trust in you.

If you have a command of your CRM skills, you can easily flourish as a freelance marketer. The best place to practice digital marketing skills like this one would be your own website. You can track customer behavior to know more about their needs and wants and structure your response accordingly.

Display Advertising

This form of advertising has become quite popular amongst brands. Here, one uses media that is visually appealing to get customers’ attention. Display advertising uses videos and images that are strategically planned. This form of advertising helps in increasing your presence online and offline as people tend to remember your brand because of its attractive visuals.

As a freelancer, you must practice your display advertising skills till you have a grasp on them. You can try a trial and error method on your own blog or website to see what works best for you. Observe which video/image attracts more people and helps create more reach for your personal domain.

Content Marketing

Digital marketing is not just about pitching a product to the customers; it’s about connecting with them on an individual level via electronic media. Digital media revolves around a content-based approach. You need to be creative when it comes to content marketing. You must recognize your customer base, and your content must resonate with your potential customers. Focus on connecting with your target audience and producing relevant and relatable content. It must be unique as well as informative.

It is important for any digital marketing freelancer to finesse their content marketing skills. The best way to practice content marketing would be to write different kinds of blogs on different topics and check the response. Read the reviews to know what you need to work on or which part appealed to the visitors. With content marketing courses, you can also try guest blogging to further practice digital marketing skills other than content marketing, like SEO and SMM.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is the core of any business strategy. It helps in analyzing raw data and identifying trends to understand if your marketing strategy is working. It helps in drawing conclusions and deciding the plan of action. A data-driven strategy is the most accurate and result-oriented strategy in digital marketing. Any amount of data is useless if you don’t know how to read it.

A freelancer that is well versed with this skill is sure to get a good amount of projects from different companies. You can practice your analytical skills by taking a course, participating in analysis-based student activities and projects, and doing an analytical study of your own website.

Digital marketing requires one to stay on top of all trends and a certain level of expertise that can be gained through online digital marketing courses. Practice makes a man perfect. The more you practice digital marketing skills, the better you will get at it.

It is important to understand the concept and strategies involved in digital marketing, but at the same time, you must practice your skills and apply your knowledge in order to understand the working of a marketing campaign/strategy. This can be done through online digital marketing courses. These courses can help freelancers polish their skills through theoretical knowledge and practical projects.