Best Technical SEO Courses to Boost Your Website Rankings

Are you looking for the best technical SEO courses online? You are in the right place. According to Ahrefs, 53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic search. 

Considering this fact, search engine optimization is more critical than ever and the learning of fundamentals while the continuing evolution of the SEO landscape requires time and effort. Before creating your SEO content strategy, it’s important to familiarize yourself with your keyword search.

Your time is money, however. You can’t afford to take all the great advanced technical SEO courses there, to waste time or money. And a lot of them are there.

However, the methodology, design, material, and target student vary from one SEO course to another. As this is a real investment (the best price is $1.000 to $5.000 for SEO courses), you need to choose the best free technical SEO courses.

Top 6 Technical SEO Courses in 2021

1. Moz Training

 SEO industry leader Moz offers one of the most successful SEO courses. It should not be surprising. Your SEO online course is offered both in modules and in packs of modules. Moz is committed to providing a digital experience for businesses and marketing that aim to improve traffic in organic search engines. For prospective students, the organization uses its SEO training program as “the best way to learn SEO.”


There are 12 modules in the Moz Training. The first 8 modules are focused on the basic optimization of search engines, while the other four courses concentrate on marketing and sales of SEO services.

Who is this SEO course for?

It’s an excellent course that will cover all of the principles of SEO basics and SEO best practices for starters and intermediate students. 

2. DistilledU SEO Course

Whether you are an advanced or a beginner with strong SEO knowledge, DistilledU has a digital online training university rich in advanced module content. These modules allow prospects to apply all the skills required to optimize search engines. It all begins in the distilled U-SEO 101, Search Engine Basics, Search Operator Basics, Optimizing on-pages, Technical SEO, Robots.txt, and Keyword Study.

Each course offers a ‘try-free preview,’ so before you completely commit you can try some of the training lessons. Registered accounts get endless content from video, which you should expect all-things SEO. Distilled also has a 133-hour video library accessible anywhere at any time. Distilled also takes part in three yearly SearchLove conferences, which are shot live on stage.

3. SEO that Works

SEO That Works is Brian Dean of Backlinko’s Official SEO Training Programme. Brian has been named one of the most famous SEO industry experts by Huffington Post and Forbes. He has considerable experience in the creation and implementation of SEO techniques and methodologies that deliver results constantly.

The SEO that Works is one of the most expensive services on the market at $6,000, but it’s filled with high-quality extras like the direct help from Brian, an exclusive Facebook community membership, and specialty specialists’ bonus sessions. Also, email templates, worksheets, case reports, videos, and more are included.

Brian is also a master marketer and charming coach, so the lessons, like all Backlinko blog posts and videos, are extremely attractive. Brian already had more than 3,000 students completing his course SEO That Works with loads of great graduate feedback, so it’s great, particularly given its price point.

Who Is this SEO course for?

Whilst the course is being delivered to beginners by advanced SEO experts, it is possibly best suited for digital marketers between medium and large.

4. SEMRush Academy

The training course for the SEMRush Academy SEO is aimed both at small e-commerce stores and businesses. When it comes to search engine optimization training SEMrush has a unique perspective, since they provide one of the industry’s most common SEO instruments. The SEMRush academy is divided into 9 courses and includes the SEMrush Content Marketing Kit to improve your digital marketing knowledge.


The SEMRush Academy also offers additional advice on optimizing SEO/UX. Website rankings can be increased, such as maximizing the time spent on a site (along with tackle bounce rate and page speed). The “requested skills for specialists for SEOs” will help you get there if you want to update your game, and the certificate you will get will help persuade potential customers that you are the real deal.

SEMRush Academy provides a truly amazing SEO training course with easy-to-learn materials, access to industry benefits, and resource material that you can keep for life.

5. The Blueprint Training

The SEO course Blueprint Training is a forum for SEO experts, agencies, and consultants to learn. The course is the brainchild of Ryan Stewart and David Krevitt, SEO influencers. These are digital agency owners who have created and sold effective agencies in the real world. Too many industry influencers and coaches have no real customers, and they practice what Ryan and David preach. It is the only course since it includes SEO preparation, SEO sales, and marketing services, and SEO service performance and is an end-to-end solution.

The platform includes a few key components.


Who Is this SEO course for?

Although this course markets SEO students at all levels, this course is designed for experienced marketers and owners of digital agencies who want to develop and/or scale and existing SEO enterprises.

6. Yoast SEO Training

Yoast is an effective digital marketing platform; his active team sets a well-established norm at the beginning. Each student learns how to optimize websites with SEO. The training materials surprisingly go in theory, which gives you something more than SEO’s realistic applications.

The Yoast team is more committed to the search algorithms of semanticization; it aims at bringing your readers into the minds. For beginners and advanced students, there are courses. Also covered are technical SEO and content marketing.

If you don’t want to focus only on technical SEO, these are not the only SEO courses that we suggest at DAN Institute.


Take it slow when you know what you need to develop your career. There is rich information to learn, and in the courses above you will find it. The questions you should ask are based on who you are like. One-on-one assistance is ideal if you begin at the start: if you know nothing about technical SEO. A very complicated science can seem like a small trick of words.

If you have endless questions, you will need personal attention. Consider the programs that deliver the most outstanding certifications for those who know SEO and who learn fast.