Best Web Application Development Courses

Web development comprises various technologies, which means that the environment is continuously evolving. In a couple of years, the current in-demand technology could lose traction. Therefore, when you decide to become a web developer you should not depend on a certain technology. You should instead be open to further learning. And your objectives should be specific when it comes to learning. Let’s look at several development fields before diving into online web development courses. A web developer may be a front-end or back-end developer. Someone with knowledge in both fields is a Full Stack developer.

What is Front-end Development?

Front-end technology is often broken down into front-end and front-end design. The front-end design covers the graphics while the front-end development covers the website implementation.

A web developer in the front end should grasp HTML, CSS, Javascript, and web frameworks like Bootstrap, React, Angular, etc.

What is Back-end Development?

This development component addresses the design and implementation of the website’s background logic and the retention and reading of data from users and websites.
Many backend developers have backend knowledge of HTML and CSS languages, but also need to use Java, PHP, Ruby, and Python in languages that conduct the back-end work.

Best Web Application Development Courses in 2022

Here we chose some great Web development courses, some of them are free and some of them are paid for, and you must select them with prudence. We hope you will reach your goals with the top 11 best online web app development courses.

Website creation is provided with various online courses, some of which are free and some premium. We have prepared for you a list of the greatest sources of web development courses.

1. HTML and Javascript on

The online best source for HTML and JavaScript learning is W3School. For novices, it will teach you to step by step as you learn how to code – the whole way to have your project implemented. You can also alter examples and sandbox code.

Price: Free

2. Learn basic HTML and CSS on edX

EdX enables you to study fundamental HTML and CSS and sophisticated web development combining HTML and Javascript. You will be guided by W3C web development experts through the building of a website. The finest portion is mainly from Microsoft. Their trainers.

Price: Free of charge. Get a verified $99 to the certificate

3. How to become a front-end web developer with Udemy

You’re going to adore this course if you want to be a front-end web developer. Udemy offers fundamental HTML, CSS and Javascript and advanced ideas. You may also learn more. In specifically, this course covers bootstrap, the most popular web development framework. Students taking this course can begin their first projects on the internet in no time.

Price: $1,200

4. How to build a beautiful interactive website on Teamtreehouse

This course covers many development aspects such as debugging CSS with Chrome Devtools, CSS layout basic, responsive layouts, HTML forms, jQuery basic, website optimization. you can learn everything about how to build a beautiful, interactive website here.

Price: Free

5. HTML, CSS, and Javascript, responsive website development on Coursera

The subjects covered in the course include fundamental HTML, CSS and Javascript, website design, and reactivity. The Web UI framework and the technologies are introduced in the front end: Bootstrap 4, AngularJS one-page web apps, and more. From this platform, you can learn whatever you want to know about web development at the front end.

Price: 7-day free trial access to all specialized courses; $5,452 a month after the trial finishes to continue learning.

6. Microsoft Professional Program for front-end web development

You will discover different technology computer programmers utilize when constructing a website at Microsoft Academy. The report addresses issues such as CSS, which simplifies user administration, the use of scripting to build dynamic web apps, a single-page framework and other web development technologies.

Price: Free
microsoft-academy web development courses online free

7. How to program with Freecodecamp

Freecodecamp is a community of open sources that teach you programming. It covers the creation of front-end, back-end, data visualization, and more. By creating projects, receiving certificates, and participating in offline activities you can face challenges in self-learning. By doing so, you are encouraged to learn.

Price: Free

8. Learn to code on Codecademy
Codecademy is an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes, including Python, Java, HTML, CSS, Ruby, and SQL. You will learn how to create a core website and then build interactive web applications at Codecademy.

Price: Basic plan free, Pro plan: $19.99/month

9. Become a front-end developer on Udacity

At Udacity, you can master the vital knowledge and technology required by many enterprises. You’ll study certain things in this course from the web foundations, Javascript and DOM, web accessibility, Javascript and testing tools.

Price: $999
udacity online web development course

10. Learn web development on Tutsplus

You can study practical development at Tutsplus in the front end and backend development. This course covers a lot—from basic principles to advanced web development technology. Most training, however, requires some fundamental web programming skills.

The interface is intuitive, but it spells out the learning code experience.
To continue throughout the course, all new information that is great to retain must be put into practice.


You must choose a certain technology in order to become aware of your style and be clear about your learning requirements when you wish to pursue a web development job. Always be open and continue to develop your talents while you are doing so.