How Long Does it Take to Create an Online Course?

An online course is a means to learn new skills and knowledge about your areas of interest from the convenience of your home. The price of online courses varies and can be for free or could be extremely expensive, depending on the qualification and popularity of the person imparting it. Usually, online courses are given by educational organizations or by experts in their field.

It is a successful and worthy online course if it is engaging and delivers the correct expected outcome. A great course should be interactive and informative so that the student can retain the information and extract great benefits from the course. For that one also needs to know how long does it take to create an online course.

Nowadays, people want to learn concurrent skills to augment themselves to their ultimate potential. There are several skills in demand that, if you are good at something, there is a market for it!

What gives a particular online course an edge over another?

An online course should have high-quality content at a reasonable price to become famous and give maximum knowledge to all scholars, and the learners get the bang for the buck. There should be a harmonious community between the teachers and the students. The course should be flexible and self-directed.

A free webinar or booklet can also be distributed so that people get to know the course better and apply for the same. This trick can give your e-learning course a headstart towards success and fame.
Using multimedia for the promotion of the course and while teaching during the course is also very beneficial.


What is the process of creating an online course?

There is no better way of demonstrating your expertise than by developing an e-training course. Here are some notable and essential steps on how you can create your dream project.

  • Select a topic that you love and have an excellent command of. The chosen topic must be your passion, and you should be exceptionally good at it before you proceed to teach others.
  • Ensure that your course is incredibly sought after and has an enormous demand. This multiplies the chances of your practicum becoming a bestseller.
  • Begin analysing and compiling the content of your pupillage. Assemble your booklet, lecture plans, modules, etc.
  • The way you deliver your content speaks a lot about your online course. Therefore, it is mandatory to make sure that audio-visual tools like a mic, camera, tripod stand, etc. are available and are of good quality.
  • Now comes the most crucial and recreational part of the process that is filming, recording, and editing your lecture. You can use a green screen to apply a background of your choice in the editing phase, or there is an option of a screencast. It entirely depends on your comfort zone and the type of audience you are targeting.
  • Pricing will undoubtedly play a vital role in what you’re going to earn from your probationary. It should not be too high that people are unable to afford not too low that people think it’s a compromised quality product. Always analyse what your competitors are charging and then set a reasonable benchmark for yourself accordingly.
  • Make sure you have a good 18 months marketing plan before you launch your online course into the market.



What should you be careful about before creating an online course?

  • Creating a course on a topic which no one requires will not bring you the desired fruits. Thus, it is essential to know your target audience and current trends.
  • Your course should be objective oriented and very synergetic, then only you will be able to engage the audience with what you have to deliver. Include some games, exercises, debates, etc. to make it an interactive learning experience for the amateur. Focus on establishing a strong camaraderie with the audience.
  • If your course design is excessively complicated, you could mislay potential novices. The design should be both appealing and user friendly.
  • Having an effective marketing strategy is a fundamental component of any business endeavour.

How Much Time Does It Actually Take To Create A Great Course?

It is important to know how long does it take to create an online course. Depending on the duration and detail of the program, it can take anywhere between 25 – 500 hours to formulate an online course. A mini-course with just 4 or 5 videos you could develop it in a couple of days. An in-depth flagship course with numerous modules and assignments could take eight weeks or more to accomplish.

How can you make the procedure faster?<

To speed up the process, remember to plan the entire thing first before actually executing it. Make short video lectures and if possible conduct live classes as they are more interactive and they save much time as well. Try to pre-sell the course via offering early bird discounts etc. This gives you a personal deadline, and you tend to finish off work faster than you usually would.

What can you outsource while creating an online course?

Outsourcing is the procedure of hiring another team or individual to perform specific tasks for you. Online creators hire virtual assistants and freelancers to ease their workload and get certain jobs done faster.

They can manage your miscellaneous tasks about maintenance like emails, phone calls, video editing, graphic designing, copywriting, proofreading, online ads, search engine optimization, etc. At the same time, you can concentrate on the main income-producing aspect, which is marketing. Outsourcing legitimately multiplies the limited time you have thereby multiplying your revenue as well.

One of the fastest and most impactful ways to get your knowledge out to a global marketplace, making a more significant impact and making more money, is to download that knowledge lying dormant in your brain and turn it into a lead-generating, money-making, impact-creating online course.

It is an excellent idea if you have a skill and you want to monetize it by creating your course because it benefits you financially and your customers in their skill development mentally. It is expected that the revenue generated from this field will exceed $250 billion by 2022.

DAN institute is a one-stop solution, whereby you can promote your online course and reach maximum students. When you have a profound passion and are keen on giving it hours of hard work, commitment, blood and sweat, then there is no reason why you should doubt yourself. Just go for it and watch the miracles unfold with your consistency, perseverance and smart work.