How to Reskill for the Workplace of the Future

The world is constantly transforming and evolving as we speak. Changes in the technical, mechanical, and corporate sectors of the world are inevitable and needed.

In return, these changes demand the physical and mental labor of every individual employed in this sector. Companies and organizations are on a constant lookout for a workforce that can shape according to the world’s changing demands. This is the reason why every corporation and company is taking the aid of reskilling.

Reskilling can be defined as a method of upgrading an employee’s skill set by training him/her for a new position or new skills required by the modern business. This new set of skills helps the employee in taking up a new post in the same organization.

Reskilling the workforce can prove to be extremely beneficial for the company in attracting clients with modern requirements. However, it is not an easy task. Inducing new skills in your employees would require them to be flexible and keen to welcome knowledge. New skills lead to broader coverage of the client’s requirements and increased efficiency of the workforce.

According to the World Economic Forum’s 2018 report, around 75 million jobs are predicted to be replaced by emerging technologies by 2022. This gives us an overview of the importance of reskilling. One of the most demanded skills in the era of technology is digital marketing and digital skills.

As businesses are taking the online route to increase sales, they try to shape their workforce along the digital path. They suggest they take up online courses for skills like digital marketing, e-commerce marketing, website designing, website development, etc.

Methods for Reskilling

Here are some reskilling examples and reskilling methods that one can use and implement on their workforce, to introduce new skills and practical knowledge of other related fields:

Industry Specific Courses and Qualifications

Such courses and qualifications related to your employee’s industry can help gain and demonstrate knowledge and skills. The employee gets profound knowledge of the industry and simultaneously gets a certification.

Developing Mentorship Programs and Webinars

One can organize Webinars and mentorship programs on a specific skill related to the company’s services. This enables employees to reskill in a short period and establishes a medium to interact with the organization’s workforce. You can also teach online quizzes, activities, and multimedia to make the learning process much more fun. Upskilling can be another way for the success of your company.

Online Learning for Reskilling

This is the most sought-after method. There are great courses available online for all kinds of industries. This is opted by most enterprises as you can access these courses anywhere and anytime without any hassle. It is also quick to complete and can be completed in parts and at the individual’s convenience.

On-Job Training

Through this method, the employee can learn a new job or skill by observing others. On-job training can prove effective for reskilling the workforce on new production methods or any technical skill. Here an employee who is new to the job role is matched up with an experienced employee so that he/she can learn from them.

Combination Learning

This method uses two or more ways to lead to the desired reskilling outcome. E.g., one can support on-job training with digital modules to make the process more effective. It is a combination of traditional and online methods.


Pointers to Keep in Mind While Planning for Reskilling

One cannot plan for reskilling programs purely in their minds. It has to be systematic, and the following pointers should be kept in mind while formulating a reskilling strategy:

Evaluate the Current Scenario of your Workforce

You must assess whether there is any skill gap? Is your workforce able to complete the set goals? Which skills will drive your business? These questions have to be answered by your reskilling strategy for it to be a success.

Market Research Needs

The whole purpose of reskilling is to make your employees efficient in all the aspects of the current industry and make them capable of fulfilling all the needs of the current market. Market needs are fluctuating, and the employees have to keep learning according to them. It is important to assess the market’s needs while planning a reskilling program and select a skill that would be of great help to the business.

Set a Learning Budget

Reskilling will require funds. A learning budget has to be set so that the organizations have to cut budgets in times of crisis, the investment for learning is not affected.

Be Bold and Agile in the Process

After establishing a learning strategy and budget, start reskilling. It is significant to be bold and active during learning and teaching new skills. Implement, test, and refine your skills and personality accordingly.

Evaluate the Success

Implementing a reskilling program for the workforce will be useless if the desired outcome is not gained. The employer has to track and evaluate the success rate of the program. You can use metrics like quiz pass rates, course completion rates, learners’ progress.

Benefits of Reskilling

Reskilling is a trend in the recruiting business for a reason. It is the need of the hour because it benefits the organization and the employee on a personal level. Here are a few salient benefits of reskilling:

  • Reduces skill gaps in the organization
  • Prepares the workforce for all kinds of challenges, with a fresh skillset
  • The organization gains the loyalty of its employees
  • It garners team strengthening and team interaction
  • Reskilling reduces the cost of filling in positions with new employees.
  • Makes the organization accommodative towards the market needs.

Reskilling for the workforce is a practice all organizations are seeking. Its abundant benefits and excellent success rate make it profitable. One has to keep in mind the business’s goal, the skill gap, and the market needs while planning a reskilling program.

Choosing a method to entice the workforce to enroll in would make the reskilling program all the more successful. Reskilling benefits the organization and makes the employee a great candidate for any role in the company.