Why Mobile Learning Apps Are the Future of Education

If we look at it from an objective perspective, mobile apps are the future of just about everything, not just education. People tend to trust companies less if they don’t provide their services through the comfort of a mobile application. With the rise of micro-blogging, nothing stays for too long. There is a new trend every week and a new kind of technology every couple of months. Currently, the one concept that is on the up and up is e-learning, more specifically, learning through mobile applications.

We obtained our education in schools and colleges, went to instructors for extra-curricular. We had jobs and studies and often didn’t have time to pursue our many interests. Now through mobile learning, we can work and take out time for ourselves. Mobile apps give us an opportunity to expand our base of knowledge, build up side businesses, learn new skills, and if you’re a student, it helps in your official studies.

The world is changing, and it is time for civilization to change too. Mobile learning is taking the world by a storm and making all kinds of learning accessible to everyone and at incredibly low, often no prices. The pandemic especially proved to us exactly how valuable mobile learning apps are.

How Mobile Learning Opens Better Learning for Students?

Students Get Control

In traditional education, students have to commute to an institute, sit in class at specific times with pre-decided material. It holds little relevance in today’s fast-moving world and also often fails to capture the interest of students. It allows students to learn about topics of their interest at a young age as opposed to the pre-existing education system. With this freedom the curious nature of a child naturally educates itself. The added visuals, interactive interface, multiple re-visits to the same concepts only promotes better learning.


Through mobile apps, each student receives lesson plans specific to them. Every child has different needs and through learning apps, they can be fulfilled. Many factors like a student’s level of understanding, speed of learning, method of learning ( audio, visual, by action, by reading, etc.), attention span, etc. are taken into consideration while creating a student-specific lesson plan. Every student also has different capabilities and different interests, some might love music and others dance, through such an educational method, we can focus on their interests and choices.


Mobile learning apps provide a new learning process altogether. They provide pre-recorded video classes on each topic, fun games to play with. Along with 24/7 assistance from live teachers, live classes, and all encompassed in stunning visuals and audios, the scope is never-ending. They have different types of tests and grades which assess a student’s understanding of a topic rather than their memory of it. They also help students out personally if it turns out that they are not doing well instead of the regular learning experience of “ do better on the next test”. It focuses on learning instead of marks on a test. It makes children want to study, rather than stare at a book out of obligation.

Mobile Learning Applications That might Just Change The Future of Education!

There are billions of mobile phones on the market and you should do proper research before buying one, so just like everything else in the world, the mobile app store is flooded with mobile learning apps hoping to prove to you that mobile learning is the future. SO here is a curated list for you with the best mobile learning apps to make your choice easier.

Khan Academy

This app has been on the market for quite a while even before the concept of mobile learning became popular. Khan academy is a household name in education that teaches math, science, history, SAT prep, coding and other fun subjects like music, Pixar filmmaking, etc. many of their courses are free and many are paid.


The platform gives you a range of subjects to choose from and give detailed topics like songwriting for beginners or advanced AI coding. They have many courses which are made in collaboration with many prestigious universities like UPenn, Berklee, etc.


This is a language learning app that’s owl we’re all familiar with. It works through a series of tests and short lessons which help you in learning over 30+ languages like French, Spanish, Korean, etc. The best thing about it is that it is free and you never feel like you’re studying instead, you just feel like you’re playing and having fun.


This app offers cheap and easy to access courses from popular universities and companies like Harvard and Microsoft and is quite popular with students looking for cheap yet quality education.


We have all heard of TED talks. This app provides all TED talks and lessons happening anywhere in more than 100 languages. For those of you who don’t know what it is already, TED talks are inspirational talks or semi-lectures given by influential or successful people in different fields. They talk about hardships they face, their journey of how they got to their current statuses and their dreams and aspirations.

Solo Learn

This is considered the No.1 app if you are looking to learn to code. It is completely free. It is perfect for beginners as well as those looking to brush up on their coding skills. It is especially ideal for coders who want to pick up a new programming language or framework.


Youtube is one of the most popular apps that promote mobile learning and has contributed to learning like never imagined before. Here no organised courses but individuals are sharing their knowledge with the world for free. There are so many professionals in the world who turn to youtube to share their knowledge, thoughts, experiences, etc., and you get it all for free. It would be a shame if we didn’t take advantage of it.

Google Scholar

This medium provides essays and studies done by experts in their fields. This is popular among students seeking undergraduate, graduate and doctorate education as this helps them learn subjects in detail. They also use this app for assignments and projects.

Future of Mobile Learning:

While the education system is changing, the topics of education are also changing. There is a need for professionals in fields like content writing and UX design however, there are very few formal modes that would provide expert education to develop such skills. Mobile apps provide a solution to the growing diversity of our needs. Young college students will be able to acquire multiple and varied skillsets. This will not only help them in achieving better career prospects but also help them in discovering their areas of interest.

There are concepts like “Bring your own device” through which students are now learning through their devices while sitting in schools. Many name companies are sanctioning such mobile app courses as a way to increase skills as well as morale. Mobile learning in the future will also be cost-effective because it will cut down the requirement of learning material like paper textbooks and mobiles are easily cheaper than laptops and accessible to a higher number of population world wide.

Over time due to the amalgamation of knowledge, students will be able to access information and study material from all over the world. It will also create a community of learners with similar interests thus contributing to globalisation. Mobile apps will be available in different versions for different softwares and will not take up memory space due to the up and coming concept of cloud computing.

It is a natural progression for our generation to adopt a newer, modern technology for something as profound as education to what suits our comfort. It is convenient, readily available, it gives good quality content, it is cheap and most of all it promotes effective learning.

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