The Updated List of Harvard University Free Online Courses

In today’s competitive world, having degrees and certifications have become a norm. With an increase in literacy rate and awareness among students, a new revolution has taken birth. The widespread use of the internet has aided this revolution in the biggest possible way. It seems that online courses are the new classroom lessons. This article will list down the updated Harvard University free online courses available this year for the students. The courses have been categorically divided for the convenience of the readers. Stay tuned!

The sudden pandemic last year brought a new angle to this story. Students and working professionals were trapped inside their houses, preventing them from pursuing any educational or skill development degrees anywhere. During such testing times, free online courses came like a ray of hope.

Though these courses aren’t a guarantee for better career opportunities, they can be considered as a great alternative to classroom courses. Especially when a reputed university like Harvard creates them with effort and hard work. This opportunity is nothing short of a boon for international students, who can get quality education sitting back at home. The free online courses have been made by top-rated educators, hence are quite reliable.


The Updated List of Harvard University Free Online Courses

Free Online Marketing and Business Courses

Introduction to digital humanities – These Harward free courses are meant for young marketing professionals and those students who are interested in this field. One of the best courses available on the website.

Justice today: Money, Markets and Morals – Another pathbreaking course for exploring the world of finance and marketing. All the controversies shall be cleared in this.

Technology entrepreneurship: lab to market – This course is best for professionals from a science background who are looking to make a career jump to the industry and business world. Quite detailed and helpful!

Salary negotiation techniques : This course aims to help young professionals to learn the art of negotiation during fixing salary.

Entrepreneurship in emerging economies : An important topic aiming towards spreading knowledge about the state of entrepreneurship in developing countries and other social affairs involved. A very interesting read for business and economics enthusiasts!

Exercising Leadership: Foundational Principles : The students will learn about the prized skill of leadership in the market. They will also learn about the importance of motivation to bring a big change.

Free Online Health and Life Sciences Courses

Human Anatomy: Musculoskeletal cases – A free online course giving the knowledge of human anatomy and a basic understanding of the injuries occurring in muscles.

Lessons from Ebola: Preventing the next pandemic – A must watch the lecture, especially for students of epidemiology. The truth of the Ebola outbreak described lucidly.

The Health Effects of Climate Change : In today’s fast-paced world, climate change is one of the biggest concerns bothering the future of mankind. A clear idea about the horrifying circumstances is present here.

Principles of Biochemistry : This course is a vital bedrock for students pursuing most biological degrees. Biochemistry is involved in many related fields like biotechnology, food science etc.

Fundamentals of Neuroscience, Part 1: The Electrical Properties of the Neuron – Another interesting course based on neural systems. This course targets imparting knowledge regarding the functioning of various neurological mechanisms. This information will help students decipher the basis of various fatal diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease etc.

Bioethics: The Law, Medicine, Ethics of Reproductive Technologies and Genetics – A hot trend is going on these days. That is genetic engineering and genetically modified organisms. This course shall clear misconceptions and portray the need for bioethics in the best possible light.

Free Online Arts and Literature Courses

Shakespeare’s life and Work : This is a highly regarded Harward free course among the students studying literature. The famous poet has been explored here in detail, throwing light on his life and literary works.

Japanese Books: From Manuscript to Print : The students will get to know some unknown facts about Japanese literature. Emphasis has been laid on the ancient custom of scroll art. Very interesting for East Asian history enthusiasts.

18th Century Opera: Handel & Mozart : A beautifully woven course, showing the important elements of opera during the 18th century. Makes you learn the importance of ancient culture and appreciate it.

Free Online Computer Science Courses

Data Science: Machine Learning : One of the hottest trends in the field of computer science is machine learning. There are numerous job openings based on this particular skill. Interested students and working professionals can take advantage of the free online courses from Harvard University to sharpen their skills!

Using Python for Research – Python is one of the most popularly used programming languages. Apart from simple coding, Python has several other applications, both in research and industry.

CS50’s Computer Science for Business Professionals – This is for working professionals belonging from a business background, who want to learn important computer skills for grabbing better opportunities.

CS50’s Introduction to Programming with Scratch – A smoothly explained free lesson, which is made specifically for beginners. Very helpful for newbies interested in the field of programming.

Free Online Social Sciences Courses

CitiesX: The Past, Present and Future of Urban Life – The free online courses are examples of innovation at their peak. Mindfully crafted, this course will help the students in exploring the logic behind creative and energetic cities.

Justice – A combination of philosophy, politics and moral values – Must watch for students wishing to make a career in the market of social sciences.

U. S. Public Policy: Social, Economic, and Foreign Policies – This course is one of the famous trending ones on the website. Get a thorough idea about the American public policies and dynamics of politics.

There are several other interesting courses available, each designed according to the latest curriculum. Go and check out Harvard Universities website to see free online courses.

How to find the best free online course? Are the certificates valuable?

It is very easy to know which courses are the best ones and relevant to your interests. Just visit the DAN Institute Online Courses section to find yourself best fitted course.

Yes, the certificates earned from these free online courses are quite valuable. From a survey done on several people, a majority of them got a great outcome from the certificates. While some got a job promotion, some could go into a new career field. On top of that, the stamp of the reputed university is a cherry on top of the cake! So don’t hesitate to pursue the course of your interest and add a star to your professional profile!