Why eLearning Is The Future Of Corporate Training?

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to several losses in the economy, education system, and the business world. But, it has led to some positive results also. Looking from the perspective of technology, the pandemic has led to a revolutionary increase in the number of digital resources being used. Such a revolution wouldn’t have happened for a long time, ideally.

E-learning: A Boon for Many

Offline opportunities are far less reachable than online opportunities. Sync of information online has made learning much more convenient, especially for the remote workforce, students and interns.

Geographically, a person may be anywhere, but they can learn anything anytime via technology. E-learning has generalized opportunities for everyone. It has made learning equal for all. Online learning is full of opportunities and knowledge and is more advantageous to people who normally could not afford offline expenses.

Why Can Online Learning Replace Traditional Learning?

Knowledge is a power that binds all of us, which is equally perceived by the rich and the poor. But humans consider knowledge as their asset. When knowledge becomes an asset, various prices are tagged to it. The ones who can afford universities and colleges attain degrees, and others don’t.

At least via technology, most people get access to the same kind of knowledge and opportunities. This can be seen as a way of avoiding the distinction between the rich and the poor. A statistic shows that IBM saved approximately 200 million dollars after switching to e-learning, therefore, e-learning has proven to be cost-effective.

Why Will Online Learning be Dominant in the Future?

Better Learning

Employees can be flexible in their schedules. In cases of a complicated subject topic, students have the option to watch the lecture multiple times. This provides clarity to their doubts, and they significantly learn more efficiently. As a result, they might feel motivated to improve their work performance. According to Forbes, the Research Institute of America reported that e-learning boosts retention rates by 25% to 60%. The reason is that employees have more control over their learning.

Tendency to Use Technology

Almost everyone today is stuck to their phones, laptops etc. Our addiction to technology might lead to a psychological shift in the learning experience we want. According to a Microsoft study, 77% of people aged 18 to 24 responded using an electronic device when asked what their first impulse is when they have nothing to do, compared with only 10% of those over the age of 65.

Comfortable Pace

Every employee is different and unique. All of them have different styles of learning according to their life experiences. Some learn by reading, some by listening to audiobooks and podcasts, while some learn by watching videos or attending workshops. E-learning is flexible with every individual’s needs.

Saves Time

You are not bound to learn necessarily while doing nothing. A traditional method does require practical presence, a specific way of presenting oneself etc. But e-learning can happen even while travelling, cooking or walking your dog.
Saves many expenses

A traditional method of learning would require sufficient travelling and accommodation costs. Also, office space needs to be reserved for a training program. Publication and distribution of informative sheets and charts might be required. E-learning not only saves these expenses but also contributes to saving paper. It also reduces the energy and resources used to recycle paper. With the alarming increase in deforestation, a shift to e-learning could be very environmentally friendly.

Geographical Independence

E-learning allows companies to educate a geographically diverse staff, especially companies recruiting a remote workforce. Even if employees belong or are currently in any other location, e-learning is available anywhere, anytime.

Availability of e-learning During The Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic took away all the glory of offline classroom learning. While all the schools, colleges, offices were shut down, e-learning is the only platform that has shown successive progress. More and more content is being added to this platform every single day. This makes e-learning the most easily accessible and convenient platform for learning during such times. E-learning has widely grown over the past two years, and it will continue to grow in the future.

Includes More Engaging Elements

E-learning can be used to retain the interest of employees during their training programs. More interesting graphics, music, live images and short videos can be introduced to make their learning more engaging. Gamification of questions and quizzes is a very interesting way to capture the employee’s interest and increase their attention span.

According to Forbes, every dollar invested in online training of an employee can result in an impressive thirty dollar increase in productivity. Companies using e-learning are found to increase their performances by over 17%.

Profit Statistics Due to e-learning

  • E-learning has led to an increase in income of more than 41% of the companies.
  • More than 72% of enterprises believe that e-learning gives them a competitive advantage.
  • 98% of all enterprises have a plan to use online learning, according to an article in Small Business Trends. Corporations have increased their use of e-learning by greater than 900% in the previous two decades.

Learning can help to reduce employee turnover. Forbes goes on to say that more than 35% of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year. Employees will appreciate that they are valued enough to provide the training they need to grow in their line of work.

E-learning has opened doors for people all around the world to connect with each other. It has provided us with an opportunity to grow and learn from global institutes from the comfort of our homes.

The sooner one realizes that online learning is the future, the better. One should upgrade oneself with time and e-learning provides us an opportunity to do just that. One should try to inculcate qualities of self-discipline and consistency to excel through online learning.

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