Best Youtube Channels to Learn Digital Marketing

YouTube is the largest video source for learning other new skills beyond fun. YouTube is an excellent place for learning digital marketing.

More than 1.9 trillion registered users use YouTube every month, with people watching over a trillion hours of video every day, creating trillions of views.

These courses are rather pricey today when we talk about digital marketing. And not all people can afford high-end institutes to master digital marketing.

These courses are currently pretty pricey when we talk about digital marketing. Not everyone can make it easier for high-end institutions to master digital marketing.

Therefore, YouTube is the ideal platform and a great way to learn digital marketing for all those who cannot afford, or otherwise can.

So many YouTube channels can teach users everything and anything from SEO to social media strategy, high-quality leads, network marketing guidance, business growth, and every aspect of digital marketing.

This article offers you the finest digital marketing YouTube channels to subscribe to and learn about new digital marketing strategies.

Gary Vaynerchuk

You can discover Gary Vaynerchuk’s YouTube channel with around 3,09M subscribers as GARYVEE.

He is an entrepreneur and CEO, founder of a digital firm “VaynerMedia” which serves 500 customers across enterprises.

And it does not contain just films of every digital marketing, but also of life, his humorous rants of marketing, speaking about his YouTube channels for digital marketing.

He also invites others to examine what videos he needs to upload.

Jay Baer

The businessman, Internet pioneer, and the best-selling author of the New York Times, Jay Baer.
Since 1994, he has been consulting with over 700 businesses including caterpillar, Allstate, Nike and 35 fortune 500.

He took first prize in his blog about content marketing. In 2008, he began his YouTube channel called “Jay Baer.”

He currently has over 13.2k subscribers and over 100 videos.

Kimberly Ann Jimenez

The social media marketing specialist is Kimberly Ann Jimenez. In addition, she operates a YouTube channel that educates viewers to discover marketing methods in social media.

Her channel is entitled “Kimberly Ann Jimenez” by her name and has over 65.6k subscribers.

In 2012, she started publishing videos on YouTube. On 30 March 2012, your first video was posted.

Digital Marketing Institute

The Digital Marketing Institute is the worldwide digital marketing training certification standard.

The Digital Marketing Institute delivers unparalleled learning experiences. Gain an internationally recognized digital marketing certification. Develop your digital skills and advance your marketing career.

Learn world-class knowledge. Develop skills in key marketing disciplines. From PPC to SEO, Analytics, Social Media, and more.

DMI is the proven global standard for digital marketing certification. We operate in 100+ countries and work with the global marketing teams of blue-chip brands and with the world’s leading education brands.

It now offers its students more skills and qualifications for digital marketers. And students are currently also teaching online.

They joined YouTube in 2009 and have 12k+ subscribers.

Its YouTube channel is packed with videos, courses, and discussions on current marketing with big digital marketers.

Subscribe to their channel and get the skills that employers want and make your impact.

Moz YouTube Channel

Moz is a software to analyze marketing with 77.2 of individuals subscribed to YouTube Moz.

Many SEO-related films were released, and those movies give you recommendations to help you learn a great deal about the optimization of search engines.

It is one of the top forums for online marketing. Since 2012, the videos have been posted on this channel.

It gives newcomers an excellent platform to learn more about SEO.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel already has several useful videos and more than 896k subscribers. He is an advisor in social marketing. He is also the best-selling author of New York and also a leading digital influencer.

And he is also one of the top ten marketers, according to Forbes. He has a pretty easy understanding of SEO, the increased traffic on your blogs, and the marketing abilities on his YouTube channel.

It allows firms such as Amazon, HP, GM, and NBC to increase their revenues.

Backlinko – Brian Dean

SEO and Digital Marketing communities require no input from Brian Dean Backlinko. On his website and the YouTube channel, you will receive actionable advice and tris.

If you are interested in learning how to develop your company by establishing backlinks, SEO, and marketing, Backlinko is one of the greatest sites, to begin with.

Brian Dean operates an active marketing and SEO channel with over 428k subscribers in its channel currency.


Hubspot is a YouTube channel that very significantly explains marketing and sales to viewers. They have 147k subscribers already.

It offers incredible tactics and advice for marketing growth and success. It gives marketing expertise information, and also gives knowledge on the internet, artificial intelligence, and other areas.

It also broadcasts the success stories of the consumer on its channel to encourage other viewers.


SEMRush is a strong and multi-faceted competition information suite for an internet marketing tool. It also works on a YouTube channel and has approximately 84.9k users.

It focuses heavily on content, SEO, PPC, and social marketing. It also carries out live site assessments with renowned marketers.

Jon Loomer

“Jon Loomer Digital” is Jon Loomer’s YouTube channel. And Facebook marketing is mostly focused. And it enables marketers to move forward a lot.

His channel will be very helpful to you if you utilize Facebook for your business purposes. He teaches everything about Facebook marketing on his channel.


Well, these are the best digital marketing YouTube channels. And We are confident these mediums will certainly help you know all about digital marketing.

All these channels are proprietary and expertly managed. So undoubtedly from these YouTube channels, you will obtain your up-to-date knowledge free of charge.

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