5 eCommerce Video Marketing Types You Should Know to Boost Sales

We know that it can be daunting to make videos, particularly if you try to determine which kind of videos to create for your company. Creating an e-commerce video is an efficient and improved way to show the content.

This is why we have collected a list of the main types of videos that your company can produce to advertise your product, convert leads, and increase your publicity. During the process, we provide approximate production times based on our video producers’ experiences, so that you can determine them by your workload.

Product Videos

Do you market a product or service that cannot be briefly explained? Or maybe you have researched enough to find out that having video on your product page improves the time on this page for visitors and therefore the chance of converting.

Product videos illustrate the advantages and benefits of your product and also provide examples of how it works, with your audience engaged. They are particularly advantageous for customers who are conscious or take into account the path of the customer and need a straightforward, concise description of what they can deliver.

Videos for product updates keep the current customer base informed of the new product developments and updates. These videos can also teach your clients new features and help improve the adoption of the app. They are great to put a face to the name of your co-workers, who have known and trusted your public.

Video Duration

Once all of your products are finished and ready to upload, the best results can usually be obtained from 2–5 minutes.

Important Metrics

You’re mainly searching for a combination of play rate and interaction rate after you have embedded a product video. Obviously, in just a few minutes you are trying to convey many new details because you want to keep your viewers around the whole of the time.

Rewatches will let you know whether there were parts that people do not first understand, or if your viewers are particularly enthusiastic about the future they want to see again.

Explainer Videos

Explorer videos are learning videos to show the viewers how to resolve a dilemma. This problem may be linked to the use of your product or a more tangential problem. But your audience should be armed to take action on the basis of their new skills at the end of the video.

Both of these variables make it ideal for explaining videos to increase content on your blog or even to support a page of your supporting documents. Why force people to write in a video that can easily be searched with a popular question on their product?

Video Duration

Explainer videos generally videos usually run for 2–5 minutes, so the content must be interactive and attractive.

Important Metrics

Again, the main metric here is commitment. However, you should also consider which portions of your video audiences had more than once it’s time to watch. Does this mean that they were particularly confused? Perhaps a section merits its own video explanation. Through these videos, you teach your clients, but also let the metrics teach you something or two.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are like invites to personal videos. If you invite visitors to a meeting, a webinar, or an open house office, promotional videos give a feel for your brand.

You may want to provide a short but informative rundown of the event that you are promoting in these videos and a call to action to motivate viewers to register or save the date. Your final objective is to produce guidance or attendance by encouraging audiences to act.

Video Duration

Event images, between 1–3 minutes, should be short and concise.

Important Metrics

The key parameter to consider here is the play rate. But perhaps more importantly, you can monitor how effective your video has been in encouraging viewers to enter your details or click your CTA when you introduce a Call to action within your video.

Internal Training Videos

Often everyone can use a helping hand. In particular, your team’s new members are overwhelmed by facts. This is where the unique capabilities of the video come into play.

You can save time and stress by using video to take new people through detailed workflows about how your business and product operate (for both yourself and your new teammates). And in addition, internal videos are useful not only for new recruits but also for all the staff.

Video Duration

Feel free to take your internal training videos as thoroughly as you want. It’s no problem if they’re on the longer side (say, 5–10 minutes). Since videos like this are more intended to provide an internal audience with basic knowledge, less pressure exists to make them quite polished.

Important Metrics

Because Internal Training Videos are intended for onboarding, you are likely to see your employees from beginning to end. Of course, therefore, play rates and interaction rates should be followed. And you guessed – it’s another great way to evaluate your videos’ content. Are those sections being monitored repeatedly? This can trigger red flags, so you know how to better your videos in the future by making them especially information-heavy or even confusing for viewers.

Teaser videos for social media

How do you ever find and communicate with one another, with so many content sources open to both you and your audience? One way to advertise the same product or campaign is to make many different video styles. If you live on your website, your key content will probably be more frequent by your guides and clients on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. There are, therefore, post teaser images, connect to the longer version and raise awareness.

It’s best that all kinds of content – not just new videos, but also blog posts, e-books, podcasts, and live events, of course.

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