Developing an Effective Content Marketing Strategy for Startups

Getting started in content marketing, particularly if yours is a startup, can seem challenging. It encompasses more than just creating engaging blog posts, infographics to drive sales, videos, etc. Beyond writing incredible copy or creating remarkable visuals, you have to incorporate content management tools and social media algorithms to improve your website’s performance. 

Surveys imply content marketing expenses are 62% less than traditional marketing, yet it generates thrice as many leads. 86% of marketers say that having a decent content strategy is the major key to their success. Below are some easy yet important content marketing strategies for startups.

Develop emotionally driven headlines and text copy

You have just entered the world of entrepreneurship, and you want to take the industry by storm. You know you have lots of competitors, and you have a daunting task ahead of you. How do you make your startup do better than it can? 

This is where these tips about content strategy for startups can assist you. In simple terms, content marketing for startups is the art and science of developing and endorsing content for promoting your startup.

The headline is one of the fundamental components of content and thus needs to be developed with utmost thought. The best way to create alluring headlines is to use expressive and sentimental keywords. By doing so, you will supercharge your content as people will not only read it but will be stimulated by it and encouraged to share it on social media platforms.

Target millennials by using adaptive content

These days, the internet audience is millennials who use the internet for the maximum of their work and have access to comparatively “older” forms of content. Therefore, the content you write should speak to the necessities and values of the millennials and should be adaptive.

Adaptive content is simply the content that favors significant interactions across various platforms and adopts accordingly. This means that it should suit the platform that one is reading it from – like one written for print or handout format would look out of place online, or content written for the computer will not suit the mobile format.

Create more targeted landing pages

Promising content strategy for startups enables you to drive traffic, and advanced guides and topics help you retain that traffic on your page. You can create targeted landing pages on each of these topics, with each page having a certain target audience.

These pages will steer traffic to your main page and distinct landing pages, with each having a particular topic that will make your traffic more authentic. You must ensure you optimize the adequate keywords well and don’t mislead your audience.

Publish guest posts on well-known sites

New entrepreneurs and startups attempt to build an audience. You may be a professional in your niche, but if you don’t have an audience to see that, it may be tiresome to market yourself and implement your content marketing strategy for startups.

This means you’ll have to choose a new medium that will enable you to reach an established audience. Your best alternative is to connect with reliable, high-authority sites that already have enthusiastic, devoted readers. The objective is to submit guest posts to these sites, which will furnish you with useful backlinks and drive traffic to your site, and you will help them by providing fresh content to their blog. You can get help from content marketing courses listed by DAN Institute for developing a strategy for it.

Develop visual content

When you scroll through your Facebook feed, which of these would probably catch your eye—a lengthy text post about a topic or an eye-catching infographic delivering the same information?

Many people are more likely to choose the infographic. An image is more likely to captivate people, and people can process visual content much easier than text, which is a phenomenon known as the Picture Superiority Effect.

So, content marketing strategy for startups should involve producing the periodic meme, graphic, infographic, or video besides your conventional blog posts. Infographics are so powerful that some startups might experience a 400% growth in earnings after enforcing an infographic strategy.

Publicize your content on social media

Social media marketing and content marketing for startups always go hand in hand. When you create fresh blog posts, numerous readers may not notice because they don’t check your blog regularly. But you can reach those readers by endorsing the content on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Select the best time to post content

Timing is a crucial aspect that can affect the success of your content. Your target audience would not be online all day. There are days and times when they’re most active, which would generally be the best time to post content.

So when you’re tweeting the link to your new post, or you’re sharing a fresh infographic on Facebook, decide on the time of day when your audience will probably notice.

Invest in content marketing tools

To generate useful and shareable content, you need to be tapped into what people in your business are talking about. What difficulties do they face that need to be deciphered, and do they require any help? Thankfully there are various software choices available to help you out in this matter.

Content marketing tools help you stay in the loop while ensuring your content has entered into the conversation. They can find trending keywords to use in your content to increase your search ranking. 

Apart from this, you can try listening to podcasts and watching videos for startup marketing strategies.  Check out some of the below-mentioned podcasts and if you want to find more visit the digital marketing podcasts section at DAN Institute

  • Masters of Scale is a good podcast for people who are presently trying to build a high-growth venture.
  • The Pitch is also an outstanding podcast wherein founders of new startups pitch their notions to four investors, allowing the listener to understand the process of pitching for capital.

Developing a content marketing strategy for startups is a lengthy and demanding procedure. If you are willing to work hard to see your dreams come to life, then there is little in this world that can stop you from achieving what you want.