8 Essential UX Designer Interview Questions and Answers

Landing your dream job is all about finding the perfect balance between upscaling your work skills and mastering your soft skills to ace interviews. Similarly, jumping head-first into any interview as a UX designer only after working on your design skills and portfolio can lead you to roadblocks in the form of common UX designer interview questions.

Securing a job becomes much easier when you are well prepared for the common questions that your interviewer can throw your way.

Interview Questions and Answers for a UX designer

While every firm has its style of assessing your designing skills, broadly considered as hard skills of suitable candidates. The personal interview round is mostly to assess how well a particular candidate will fit into their work environment. Knowing the common interview questions and being well prepared for them is essential for both the employer and the employees.

Some of the most frequently asked UX/UI designer interview questions are compiled below:

  1. Tell us about yourself

While this question usually sounds like an icebreaker, it is the point where most candidates are rejected. Preparing for this question is difficult if you aren’t sure about what sort of answer your interviewer is looking for.

As a  UX designer interview question, your interviewer usually looks for how and when you got into the field. It also decides the pace and direction of your interview and a chance for you to share your journey as a UX designer. If you have no experience as a UX designer you still have a chance.

  1. Explain the difference between UX and UI design?

Candidates may be asked this basic question that can throw any negligent candidate off track. While the question seems quite innocent, knowing the correct answer can be a game-changer if you apply only as a UX or UI designer.

The question lets interviewers filter out the serious candidates from the non-serious ones. Candidates can score brownie points and highlight their skills by mentioning specific projects focused on the user experience aspect of their design.

  1. How will you describe your workflow?

As one of the common questions to ask a UX designer, this question is mainly used to assess the soft skill of the candidate. The answer to this question allows interviewers to understand the candidate’s problem-solving skills, approach to work, and primary focus while designing. Interviewers are mostly looking forward to understanding your approach to problems through design thinking.

To ace this question, it is better to be prepared with all the key highlights of your workflow, including the critical steps starting with user research, personas, and user flows to prototypes, wireframes, testing, and analysis.

  1. What is the need for UX designing?

Another one of the frequently asked UX designer interview questions is mainly directed to understand if the candidate in question truly understands the significance of the field. Interviewers are mainly looking forward to seeing if the candidate has an in-depth understanding of the UX design field and its significance or not.

This question is one of those simple-looking tricky questions where textbook definitions won’t work. The only way to ace this is to share your personal views and understanding of the subject and highlight topics like user research, usability testing, customer testing, etc.

  1. Share your most successful UX design project.

When considering questions to ask a UX designer, this particular question is perfect for interviewers to assess your skills. In your answer to the question, the interviewers analyze your weaknesses and strengths and get a rough idea about your design style.

A sure way to ace this question is to start by talking about the best parts and the problems of your most successful project. This should be followed by mentioning your specific contribution to the project. If possible, try to end the answer by talking about measurable aspects of success like click-through rates or sign-ups.

  1. What, according to you, will be the next thing in UX?

While this question is frequently asked to both freshers and senior UX designers, its purpose varies. One of the senior UX designer interview questions is mainly to understand if the designers in question are upgrading their skill set as per the latest trend or stuck on the design styles from their time. If you want to upgrade yourself, you can be active in Slack communities for UX designers.

The question also enables the interviewers to understand if any candidate is passionate enough to follow all the upcoming changes and keep track of the developments in the field.

  1. Which are the courses and certifications that you have under your name?

With this question, interviewers want to establish if the candidate holds a degree/certificate in UI/UX design. For candidates, this is an excellent opportunity to mention the courses and projects they have worked on, that we’re focused on various aspects of UX design that are required for the job role.

Candidates who still don’t have a professional certificate in UI/UX designing can go for UX design courses listed by DAN Institute to enhance their skills and make it more inclusive for various job roles.

  1. Any suggestions to improve the UX of our product?

This question is asked to know if the candidate has researched the company website and has any suggestions for improvement. It shows your interviewer if you are ready to take up the groundwork.

Instead of picking on the product’s negative aspects, it is better to stick to a well-researched answer about the pros and cons. It is noteworthy that when sharing feasible solutions to the cons of the product, keeping a diplomatic tone will earn you brownie points.

Interviews can also include quick hands-on design tasks; this may or may not be asked, depends on the company. It is always better to include the projects you were a significant part of to highlight your strength. Also, mention one or two unsuccessful projects to get a chance to share your weaknesses and how you overcame them.

To ace the UI UX designer interview questions, you have to be pretty straightforward and well prepared. This will surely help you stay on top of your game by focusing on all aspects of your skills.