Udemy vs Udacity: Differences & Similarities

Udemy and Udacity are online training portals offering certified training. You may need to examine Udemy vs Udacity if you are seeking a way to upgrade their professional or personal development capabilities.

You can also discover a certain trend and lucrative skillset and determine what’s the right thing for you, then Udemy is one of the first places to go. In this article, we compare Udemy vs Udacity in detail.

Udemy vs Udacity The Cost of Courses

Udemy and Udacity both offer free classes, although the quality of the courses given varies considerably.

The free Udemy courses are for paying courses, even if they have little true value. In contrast, the courses of Udacity, particularly in their nanodegree programs, are extensive and cover substances that are relevant to the industry.

Udemy courses can cost $10 to $200 or even more everywhere. Courses on the site are frequently sold and can be sold off for 90%. It is not unusual to see a €199 course as the regular fee and $10 as the selling price.


Each time you complete an online platform course, Udemy offers certificates.
But, although the course you have completed cannot be certified to be a university or educational institution, you can place them on the course life program to apply and claim to know the recognized qualifications.

Qualifications gained through Udemy would be of little importance when you apply for a job for interviewees.

Udemy courses are offered to people of different ages to broaden their level of competence. You can do this as part of a new pastime, or so that you may use your skills in your business or liberate yourself.

But, Udemy is not the ideal alternative for you when you want credentials to distinguish you from your colleagues. Maybe you want to look into Udacity instead.

Although Udacity is not in the accredited category because it doesn’t have a standard degree, Udacity’s nanograduate programs are collaborations with dominant partners in the industry.
The partners contribute to their colonial expansion. Graduates of the Udacity Program are also more likely to be employed by these industry partners.

Although a certificate of Udacity nano does not compare to a university degree, it helps to boost your reputation and your value in the employment market, in particular the tech field.

Some tech companies prefer nano graduates to someone with a standard degree at Udacity. They are sure that those people are properly prepared for the job and know the subject of the course.

Udemy vs Udacity Course Content

Udemy deals with a wide variety of subjects. On Udemy, you’ll find all the things you need in the courses recognized. The classes span business, health, fitness, nutrition, marketing, and personal development.

It helps you to pick courses depending on interest and comfort when it comes to Udemy. But Udacity nano grades are not linked to a larger curriculum in these small lessons.

But, Udacity offers a specialized program on the other hand. Its training is based on programming and design, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, digital marketing, data sciences, companies, and stand-alone systems.

It is vital to understand that Udacity concentrates primarily on courses relating to technology. On this platform, there are a total of 35 degrees of nano. These diplomas offer premier programs that are officially developed and recognized by significant corporations, such as Google, AT&T, and IBM.

Although about 200 free classes are available to Udacity, after completion they do not award a degree. There are self-studying courses on this online platform, however, these are meant to allow students to spend between six and 10 hours a week on each subject.

Nanodegrees include lecture outlines, exercises, and teaching videos.


Udemy teachers enable anyone to be a teacher. That means, however, that the quality of each course may be inconsistent. It also means that the course material being taught is not guaranteed.

While some courses can be taught by experts and professionals and can have hundreds of good evaluations, other courses have been organized quickly and offer no useful knowledge.
So you have to perform a thorough investigation of the instructor, his background, and what students think about him before taking an Udemy course. before you take an Udemy course. Before you buy your course on Udemy, looking at course ratings is crucial.

In contrast, the Udacity teachers are noted for their curation and organization. Therefore, they promise an amazing education you will like and learn thoroughly.

Udacity instructors include previous professors, graduates, content creators, managers from various companies, and other highly qualified people in the field.
Even cooler is that the Udacity founder and president himself teaches the whole curriculum!

While some Udacity courses can feature one course, 10 different professionals participated in the curriculum.

Course Qualification

On Udemy, the quality of the course is unfaithful. As almost everyone can teach courses, you need to identify teachers of decent ratings before you purchase a course and do your in-depth investigation.

While some classes are engaging and enjoyable, others just show a robotic instructor in the camera. Courses of Udacity are more participatory, on the other hand.

Some of the Udemy course categories are listed below:

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Languages
  • Music
  • Personal Development
  • Office Productivity
  • Information Technology
  • Software Development
  • Web Design
  • Lifestyle
  • Photography
  • Teacher Training
  • Health & Fitness
  • Test training

Some of the Udemy course categories are listed below:

  • Web Design
  • Virtual Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Computer Programming
  • Mobile Device Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Robotics
  • Learning Plan

Because Udemy is designed to attract a wider audience, its courses are interactively and readily taught to even novices. Despite video-sized courses, instructors can deliver tasks and quizzes occasionally for the efficiency of learning. Also, when you finish viewing your videos your course will conclude.

While Udacity lectures are now available on video, trainers also help you to access tasks and tests. However, certain courses are projected, so the content can present a difficult understanding for beginners.


Udemy and Udacity are two highly popular open online massive courses for updating or acquiring new skills. Both platforms have similarities that make them available to two of the finest course providers.

However, depending on one or more considerations we’ve listed, you can decide to choose one instead of another. However, whatever you choose in the end, you must make sure it meets your needs.

In the meanwhile, reviews show Udemy that it is better to attend short, personal developmental courses on the two online platforms. Udacity, by contrast, is preferable for job development courses. If you’re still unsure about what to pick just move to our online digital marketing courses page to find the best fit for yourself.

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