Best Digital Marketing Topics for an MBA Project in 2021

Digital marketing for MBA has become pivotal. Especially for those majoring in marketing and IT. Educational institutions and online institutes have been curating the best digital marketing courses in recent years.

Since firms have had to adapt, it is only natural for the curriculum to keep with global trends. Digital marketing has also become a much-favored topic for MBA students. Here’s why.

Why is digital marketing a popular topic for MBA?

Digital Darwinism is forcing businesses to reconsider digital marketing as the most viable option. The fast-paced field has shifting dynamics, which compels firms to adapt faster than their capabilities. From social media marketing to cool SEO tactics, the digital marketing industry has taken over the traditional marketing industry with a storm.

The need for digital marketing catapulted in 2020. With the coronavirus shutting down the economy, several industries resorted to online businesses. This catalyzed the evolution that was a long time coming. The lockdown forced people into isolation, and they resorted to the internet for escape, and the advertising industry lapped up the profits.

There are 1.5 billion active users of social media globally, which allows digital marketing to get to a larger base. Consider this: a small thrift shop in your locality wasn’t getting enough leads. They decided to model the dresses themselves and resorted to free, valuable content on TikTok. They launch their brand globally without having to pay anything.

This is the best-case scenario in terms of organic growth. But this is also the reality of several small businesses in remote corners of the world, forcing even Instagram to launch its video feature: reels.

The choice of digital marketing for MBA project topics is obvious. Since digital marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses a vast range of services, it presents a lot of possibilities for research. The Covid-19 pandemic has only increased the importance of digital marketing topics for MBA.

Top digital marketing topics for an MBA project in 2021

Here’s a list of the Best Digital Marketing Topics for an MBA Project in 2021:

Influencer endorsement in digital marketing

How does influencer marketing affect customer acquisition? One of the best digital marketing topics for MBA projects in 2021 is influencer endorsement. You could research the brands that benefit most from this strategy and present a comparative analysis of celebrity endorsements versus influencer endorsements.


How do SEO tools affect client satisfaction?

SEO can make or break a website which is why search engine optimization is a priority in digital marketing. But does spending more on SEO tools guarantee client satisfaction? A key concern of judging the parameters of digital marketing is the search engine optimization of websites. You can collect data from two companies: one that focuses more on SEO and the other not so much.

Lead generation in a digital landscape

Cold calling may not be a thing of the past, but it is still archaic. Lead generation through funnels and targeted ads are the new norm. An interesting topic based on digital marketing for MBA projects is how it has affected lead generation for a business. Does it differ for B2B and B2C companies?

Pre-pandemic digital marketing vs. post-pandemic digital marketing: A case study

Trace the changes in digital marketing before 2020 and after 2020. Perform a SWOT analysis of companies that adhere to both and analyze the changes in lead generation. For this, you can head to local shops or restaurants to get relevant and accurate statistics. It’s obvious that impact of digital marketing on small businesses is increasing. So, you can analyze the details and it can be a great MBA project topic.

Digital marketing for B2B companies

B2B companies need the help of other businesses to propel their profits. How does digital marketing affect these companies? You can do a case study of a B2B company, for instance, from the automobile industry. How is it different from B2C companies? This would be a good point to discuss the differences that digital marketing brings to B2B and B2C companies.

The impact of social media on customer preferences

Social media is a vast marketing gimmick, but to what extent can it change the preferences of the consumer? Trace the changes amongst your friends, and chart out their trajectories as customers. Also, find out what people without social media are accustomed to and how much their interests are their own.

How has digital marketing affected the publishing industry?

The publishing industry has been in a dilemma since the reading of physical books declined in the digital revolution. How are they using social media like Instagram and digital marketing for their purposes? How is it affecting the opinions of readers? Which digital marketing skills in demand for the publishing industry? Give a detailed analysis.

Comparative analysis of digital marketing tools

Digital marketing tools are all the rage now. These tools perform analytics without manual input. One of the best digital marketing topics for MBA includes the accuracy of various programs. Work on competitors for SEO tools and underline what features each has, and then compare it to the demand of the market. If you don’t know which tools to choose or how to use them, you can get help from the digital marketing courses for beginners

Digital marketing and business in the lockdown: A case study

Find proofs and file a report on business in the lockdown. How has a business with digital marketing campaigns fared in the pandemic? How has a business with zero or mediocre digital marketing campaigns fared in the pandemic? You can collect either primary or secondary data for this. Assess the damage done by the pandemic and the part that digital marketing could salvage. It will be best if you can create this case study for the industries that benefit most from digital marketing.

Research on local businesses: A case study

Local businesses were hit the hardest by the pandemic. To gauge the effect of digital marketing, you can interview the local grocer or dressmakers and compare how digital marketing has affected essential and non-essential businesses. You could outline the changes that digital marketing has made to the reach of both and the scope of digital marketing for small business owners after the pandemic.

Digital Marketing for MBA projects acts as a precursor for any digital marketing campaign that you run in the future. It determines your ability to perform market research when necessary and deal with digital Darwinism.

Remember that the digital marketing field is dynamic. The changing patterns require being alert to market trends and demands and tap into the extensive reach provided by this service.