Best 13 Tips to Promote Online Courses to Find More Students

Due to the restrictions imposed by the lockdown, the market demand for online courses has increased exponentially as more students are getting familiarized with online learning.

Many individuals are thinking about investing their time and effort to improve their skill set by enrolling in online courses. Due to this sudden increase in demand, we are witnessing a surge in online courses that are aimed towards catering to the requirements of all demographics. 

How to Promote Your Online Course?

In order to promote online courses to boost up your sales, there are many steps you can pursue. With proper planning and implementation of strategies, you can reach out to your target audience in no time. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 13 tips to promote online courses so that you can effectively boost your sales. 

Assess your advertisable market size

The first thing you can do is understand the market size and age group of the students you want to promote online courses. Trying to sell e-commerce marketing courses to web developers going to be a long shot.

Advertising the correct genre of online courses to relevant audiences will be a more effective and accurate way to promote online courses. Understand the requirements of the students and then analyze their needs and interests; this will surely help you to hit the sales targets more effectively.

Identify the USP of your Online Courses

If you are selling the same online courses which are also available in the market with the same specifications then it will be hard to promote it aggressively.

Develop new ideas and new formats in your online courses to add up the uniqueness and value of your online courses. Research some existing online courses on different platforms to analyze the segments in which they are lacking. Students like to feature online courses on their CVs. Keep that in your mind for trying to find a unique advantage.

Once you gather a significant amount of information, implement your strategies in your online courses to improve its quality among its competitors. This will surely help you to promote your online courses.

Develop a precise online course title based on keywords

Small things like keywords play a vital role in getting a higher SERP rank on search engines. Naming your course with appropriate and relevant keywords will help you to reach a bigger audience in less time. If you don’t know how Google works maybe enrolling in one of the best online SEO courses can help you to promote your course more easily with organic traffic.

You can use multiple free-of-cost online platforms to research and acquire a keyword-based title for your online course. When students search for online courses on search engines, there is a higher chance that websites stuffed with properly used keywords and high-quality content will always appear at the top. 

Promote your course on blogs

Promoting your online courses through blogs and articles will help you reach out to the relevant target audience. Students who are willing to enroll in online courses always tend to do some background research before selecting the best one for them.

It is at this stage that online institutes should reach out to the target demographic by employing marketing strategies.  

To market your online courses on blogs and articles, the best thing you can do is refer to engaging, informative, high-ranking blogs that have been published already.

Developing a user-friendly blog with proper data and information will not be a tough task if you have done thorough research beforehand. You can take help from freelance writers and content writing agencies that provide excellent blogs that are cost-efficient. 

Publish a video on online platforms to promote your online courses

Creating a Youtube channel will surely help you to promote online courses easily to the right age group of students. Nowadays, Youtube and other similar platforms have become very effective in marketing to the younger demographic.

You can create your Youtube channel and spread awareness about your online courses and their specializations. Try to upload an introduction or promotional video containing all the basic information about your courses and your specialty. Youtube will also help you to connect with your audience by assessing your target. Don’t forget to keep yourself updated about the best e-learning trends to follow.

Add student testimonials on your website.

The best person to promote something is someone who has used it. Publishing student testimonials to promote online courses is the best option if you wish to showcase the value of your courses.

Adding testimonials to your website will help the students connect with your institute on a personal level. Aspirants will always get inspired by students who have already completed the courses and are reaping the benefits of it.

Getting guidance from one’s peers or a fellow student is always welcomed by students who are yet to decide on their goals. The promotion of online courses through student testimonials is quite useful when it comes to creating a connection with your target audience. 


Create a user-friendly website for your online courses

Websites are not supposed to be complex and too advanced, especially for students who like simplified, straightforward suggestions. Funky looking websites with complex algorithms fall short when it comes to ease of use.

A simple, decent looking website with easy operations is always considered the best because one shouldn’t need time and effort to understand what you are offering. With user-friendly websites, students can easily access your website and enroll themselves in the courses as per their liking. 

Hit the audience through Emails & Newsletters

Yes, nowadays, email marketing is not considered a great way to promote, but it will indeed work for the students. For students, emails always attract their attention because of their curiosity.

A properly created email containing all the information will surely help you catch their attention and increase your sales. You can use many tips available on the internet about how to create an attractive email.

Use your social media profiles.

Social media is the best place to promote online courses to younger students. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram will help you to reach your audience.

Optimized social media profiles will deliver all the information about your online courses with ease. Students who stroll through hundreds of social media pages will surely come across your advertisement that would contain all the required information about your online courses.

You can add a direct link or a “Swipe Up” on Instagram stories to redirect them to your website where they can browse through the list of online courses. 

Create a free Mini-course

Creating a free sample Mini-course will interest the students. Students can easily understand the specialization you are focusing on through your online courses and the value of the education they will grab through your online courses.

This will surely help the students to understand your courses and then opt for it. A sample mini-course will always be considered the best as it attracts the students and convinces them to invest their time and money into your courses. If you are wondering how to sell online courses, then creating a free mini-course is a sweet proposition. 

Publish multiple courses and cross-promotions

Offering only one course or a single type, of course, will not attract students who are searching for multiple kinds of courses to expand their knowledge.

Creating multiple online courses will also help you to tap into a larger market size. Having an array of courses on your website also aids in cross-promotion because it is highly likely that students will be referring your courses to their juniors and other aspirants.

Mouth-to-mouth promotion is really effective when it comes to reaching out to your target audience and boosting your sales organically. 

Create a combo of your online courses and provide discounts

Discounts and offers are the best things you have to attract an audience and sell your online courses. Almost every online shopping platform uses this strategy to lead the audience into their website or application, which automatically boosts their sales.

You can also use this strategy to sell more online course packages. Try to form a combination of 2 similar courses and offer them together with exciting discounts. 

Improve the quality of your online courses & keep them updated

All the tips given above will work only if the quality of your online courses is up to the mark. The quality of your online courses will decide the sales as students don’t invest their money and time into low-quality courses again and again.

Currently, many websites and platforms provide excellent online courses, so you have to increase your course’s quality to compete with them. We prepare a detailed guide on how to create an online course. It will definitely help you too.

If you are wondering how to promote online courses, there are certain things you need to understand before promoting your courses. Tapping into the right audiences with attractive formats of advertisements, emails, and social media posts will only work wonders if your online courses are of great value.

Right now, the need for online courses is rising exponentially, and good quality content will surely get higher sales in the market. Simple and easy to understand online courses will always get appreciation and better sales.