Top 10 Tools To Create Online Training Courses For Free

Did you know that you can tutor people from different parts of the world in the comfort of your home? Yes, you read it right! Today’s digital era has made it possible for you to teach people different things virtually with the help of online training courses.

An online course is a combination of videos, images, live recording, notes, and other material that is delivered over a digital platform. It is an electronically supported teaching process that enables you to tutor students and distribute materials online. In simple words, they are sessions or workshops you can conduct over the internet at your convenience. Through these courses, you can tutor people from all over the world and pass on the skills you possess.

So if you’re looking forward to earning some side income by tutoring people online, then you’re at the right place! This article will provide you with the best tools to create online training courses for free.

Let’s get started!

How to Create an Online Course for Free?

With the help of tools to create online training courses, you can create and set up your classes for free. However, before doing so, ensure to follow the steps given below to help you in the process.

Step No. 1 – Establish the Cause
Before creating an online course, answer the following question:
What’s the purpose of the online class?
What is the duration of the course?
What are the students expected to learn in this duration?
Who is eligible to attend the session?

Step No. 2 – Gather Relevant Information
After answering all the questions listed above, gather relevant data and information that is required. This material could be hand-written notes, images, videos, animations, live recordings, and audio. Also, ensure that the material gathered matches the grasping power of the age group that will attend the course.

Step No. 3 – Modify the Material Collected
After collecting all the data, you need to make it creative and engaging to grab attention with ease. Doing this will help you maintain the interest of your students throughout the course. This can be done using the different tools to create online training courses.

Step No. 4 – Assemble into a Single Course
The last step involved is to assemble all the modified information into a single course to present to the audience. The final material can be a presentation, slideshow, or a word file as per your convenience. Again, there are a variety of software to create online training that will serve the purpose.

Which Tools Can You Use to Create Online Courses for Free?

There is a wide range of tools to create online training courses that you can use to create a highly engaging and smooth session without any hindrance. Let us look at each one individually and discuss its benefits and advantages.

Using creative and innovative ideas will increase the engagement of your course and attract more people to enroll. Canva is a graphic design platform and one of the best software to create courses for free. It helps you create innovative and highly engaging content for your class that keeps the students interested throughout.

Here is a list of services Canva offers:

  • Highly engaging posters, cards, invitations, flyers, and templates.
  • Creative photo collages, video mixes, and photo editing.
  • Customizable and personalized templates, backgrounds, collages, and other content.

The best part about this tool to create online training courses is that you can enjoy all the above-listed services for free. Worth trying if you want to create highly engaging and innovative content for your online course.

Another software to create online training is this video editing tool that will help you create high-dimensional and engaging content for your course is OpenShot. This software helps create animations and 3D graphics for your session, necessary to keep the students engrossed in learning.

Here is a list of services offered by OpenShot:

  • Help you create high-quality animations like 3D text elements, wide-ranging visual effects, and transition presets.
  • It provides unlimited visual and audio tracks for complex and advanced editing.
  • It has a simple and intuitive UI, allowing you to work seamlessly at any time.


    Along with visuals, you also need good audio for your online course. Ardour is one of the best tools to create online training courses as it is a digital audio workstation that allows you to improve the sound quality of your videos and other background audios.

    It is the best software to create a course as it allows you to mix, edit and record audios for your visuals with ease. You can also use various effects for your audio making it interesting for your students.

    The basic plan of Ardour is free, but you need to upgrade your plan to enjoy additional services. However, the free form has most of the features you require to create a high-quality sound for your online course.


    Sometimes your students might find it difficult to read or note down all the points mentioned on the screen. This problem can lead to confusion, especially if the online course is related to academics.

    VozMe is the best software to create courses that will help you to convert the written notes into downloadable voice notes. This text-to-speech software is worth trying and is by far the best software for creating an online course.

    It can be helpful while downloading content for your course and assembling it. Using this software will help you increase your engagement and encourage more students to enroll.


    Creating content for your online course usually involves binding all the necessary information in PDF form. FormSwift is free online software that helps you edit PDFs and other documents with ease.

    It is web-based and does not require any downloading or installation on your PC. It offers different features useful for editing PDFs that are listed below:
    You can drag images, videos, and file links to your PDF.
    It provides an e-sign facility.
    Easy drag-and-drop interface.
    Quick conversion of images and tests to PDF.

    Google Forms

    Testing your audience is an essential part of online training courses. Since taking tests verbally can be time-consuming, Google Forms has come to the rescue!

    Here are two important features that Google Forms offer that will help you create a better online course:
    Help you to test the knowledge of your students by creating quizzes and questionnaires.
    Allows you to develop surveys that will give you feedback from your audience, helping you to improve.
    Both of these are equally important for a successful online course. So google forms is a must as it is one of the best tools to create online training courses.


    This software is the best tool to create online training courses for working with a team and not individually. MeisterTask helps you create an organized workflow and divide the work to all the team members systematically.

    Each team member has a personal dashboard with all the work allotted. The team leader can assign work to the members that will be on the dashboard. The software has a simple, intuitive interface that makes project management easy, simple, and straightforward.

    Moreover, the software allows you to sync with third-party applications and has a chat system to allow team members to communicate with each other.


    After all the editing and customization is complete, the new tool to create online training courses is Thinkific. It is the best software to create courses as it allows course creators to publish and advertise their sessions and workshops to people.

    It is a one-stop solution to marketing your courses to people, advertising them, and selling them to potential clients. It is free of cost, helping you save sales pages, carts, and membership sites.


    After your course grabs attention and gets an audience base, it is time to maintain the audience. Mailchimp is an online email marketing platform that allows you to send unlimited emails and newsletters to people.

    You can continue to keep in touch with your students as Mailchimp offers the following features:
    It helps you create emails that help you engage with your target audience.
    You can develop landing pages that force people to enroll in your course.
    You can also publish social media posts and ads using this application.


    After you have selected all the tools to create online training courses, it is time to bring it all together. Zapier is an online application that allows you to connect and integrate all the software you use to create an online course.

    It links to most of the software and applications listed above and allows you to sync contacts from all of them. It is a perfect application for course creators to work with ease and have a seamless experience.


    These were the top 10 tools to create online training courses that will help you enhance and upgrade the quality of your course. All these software are free of cost, but a few require up-gradation to enjoy all the benefits.

    Canva and OpenShot are the best software to edit and modify your visuals to deliver high-quality to the audience. Similarly, Ardour helps you manage all your audios and edit them at your convenience. VozMe makes it easier for you to convert all the texts to audio for optimum use of the content.

    Furthermore, you can edit your PDFs with ease using FormSwift, and get feedback from your audience by creating surveys on Google Forms. Simplify your work using MeisterTask and market your courses using Thinkific, Mailchimp, and Zapier.

    If you’re looking forward to creating online sessions, these are the best tools to create online training courses that will help you in the process. So get started, you’re just one click away!