Best 7 Countries to Study Digital Marketing in 2021

Digital marketing includes all internet marketing or electronic device related marketing activities. Companies use digital marketing on various online platforms such as search, social media, video and email. Expectedly, it is a fast-growing field and a more and more common university degree.

The position of the digital marketer is constantly being demanded because almost all companies want to promote and sell their services and products online. It is an incredibly diverse field covering many conventional marketing methods along with new, technologically-driven approaches.

You can choose from a wide variety of programs and courses from around the world if you want to study Digital Marketing abroad. Not only will you have a much broader option but you can also explore how another country approaches the subject and will learn from a whole new culture and lifestyle. 

Here are the best countries to study digital marketing. 


UC Berkeley Global, University of California, Berkeley 

Program: Digital Marketing Extension

For any company which wishes to preserve and increases its market share, marketing is important. Get the realistic skills to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy with the University of California, Berkeley digital marketing management program. Place your skills in a San Francisco or Silicon Valley leader internship.

Why Study for Digital Marketing in the USA?

Studying in California may bring you interesting opportunities while offering you the joy of Californian habits. Combining the otherworldly beauty of its campus and enhancing your career is a rare chance that should have been taken. Also, you can get help to decide on MBA projects for digital marketing from this article.


Berlin School of Business and Innovation, Berlin 

Program: Digital Marketing, MSc.

In this industry-focused digital marketing program, you can have the opportunity to gain innovative and analytical knowledge at the Berlin School of Business and Innovation that will enable you to meet your clients, increase your leads and also secure some of the most coveted marketing positions.

Why Study for Digital Marketing in Germany?

Berlin is a vivid city full of diversity. Experiences like riding your bicycle on your way to your digital marketing course will be your biggest pleasure. Not to mention eating the famous berliner on your coffee breaks.


Kedge Business Shcool, Marseille

Program: Digital Marketing and Sales, MSc.

KEDGE Business School’s Digital Sales and Marketing MSc offers professional development in a digital ecosystem, where the roles demand excellent adaptability. The instructive approach of the MSc incorporates strategy, technology, design, digital marketing and e-commerce efficiency, including an e-business aspect.

Why Study for Digital Marketing in France?

Marseille goes straight – also developed. New galleries and museums are blossoming. There are plenty of fashionable restaurants and bars. The openings of the hotel bang in each other. The city of the XXI century recovers the greatness of the 19th century’s businesses. So why not wait if you have a true Francophone spirit?

United Kingdom

University of Greenwich, London 

Program: Digital Marketing & Analytics, MSc. 

In this splendid and fast-changing business world, the MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics will prepare you. You will discuss five main developments in your studies: social media marketing, big data, cloud computing and mobile marketing. Technical and marketing skills are combined in a number of contexts to cross the difference between marketing and IT to provide graduates with strong digital and analysis skills.

Why Study for Digital Marketing in the UK?

The UK is a welcoming multicultural society — people from nearly every country in the world are also there! The United Kingdom is the second-most popular destination of study in the world, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HES Agency), with 458,520 foreign university students in 2017-2018 studying at UK universities, so you can feel certain you will receive a warm welcome.


United International Business Schools, Tokyo

Program: Digital Marketing, MSc.

United International Business Schools is an independent private educational organization with campuses in Europe and Asia that has been dedicated since 2002 to cross-cultural education from a global perspective.

Why Study for Digital Marketing in Japan?

Japan has an appreciated education system, which is often ranked in the top ten countries in education quality. Japan is renowned for its contribution to education, even at primary and high school levels. Plus, the famous Japanese cuisine is perfect for a cultural experience. 


University of Technology Sydney, Sydney

Program: Digital and Social Media, B.A.

This degree in digital and social media at Sydney University of Technology introduces students to major debates on the role of social media in daily life and focuses on creative and analytical solutions to issues through the application of digital and social media.

Working choices include social media managers, UX/UI designers, digital campaign managers, prototypers, digital entrepreneurs, policy analysts and manufacturers of digital content, digital marketers and communications officers.

Why Study for Digital Marketing in Australia?

Australia offers far more than the normal requirements. Many international students in Australia choose to study because they are friendly, relaxed, good education and high living standards.


York University, Toronto

Program: Digital and Content Marketing, MSc.

York University is one of the top universities for digital marketing. This Digital and Content Marketing Post-graduate Certificate from York School of Continuing Studies will move you in just 8 months from digital and content marketing beginner to master.

You are provided with extensive education in the core fields: Marketing foundations, Web analytics business concepts, e-mail marketing, content marketing strategy, editing plan, web-based copy writing, Consumer Research, user data and segmentation, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), CRM communication, and PPC (Pay Per Customer Relationship Management)

Why Study in Canada?

Excellence in academics. The high standard of education is one of the main factors for students studying in Canada. When a student graduates from a university in Canada, they are a symbol of confidence and excellence.

How to learn digital marketing from the comfort of your home?


Digital marketing, as its name implies, by promoting products or services through digital channels like search machines, social communication, emails, websites, etc. Digital processing is essential to maximize the marketing strategy.

In the field of digital marketing, plenty of skills and resources are available. If you follow online course, it is strongly recommended that you enroll in the right training program and get certified. Choosing the right curriculum can be with our guide is much easier.