Best Free & Paid Google Analytics Courses and Tutorials in 2021

Google Analytics is an industry-leading technology. Workers can use it to identify trends. Businesses may use it to understand their customers online. Students at the university who are studying business or marketing will use it to learn more about various market sectors.

These are only a few examples of the value of this free tool if it is leveraged properly. But how can you know the principles or learn more if you’re a regular already? Get online Google Analytics courses to develop your skills as efficiently as possible. In this article, we’ll explore the best free and paid Google Analytics tutorials you can take. Both free and paid ones, so you would become more knowledgeable and make better decisions in your field.

Best Free & Paid Google Analytics Courses and Tutorials in 2021

  • Analytics Academy Courses (Google Analytics Academy)
  • Google Analytics Certification – Become Analytics Certified (Udemy)
  • Google Analytics For Beginners
  • Ultimate Google Analytics Course + 50 Practical Examples (Udemy)
  • Free Google Analytics Training & Tutorials (LinkedIn Learning)
  • Google Analytics for Marketing – Boost Sales & Lower Costs (Udemy)


1. Analytics Academy Courses (Google Analytics Academy)

Google provides Google analytics training for people who want to start their analysis careers or use software for companies or businesses. Learn the basics of creating an account, applying the tracking code, analyzing basic reports, setting targets, and tracking campaigns. In the advanced classes, data collection, retrieval, settings, and more sophisticated analysis and tools are discussed. There is a range of options, including power users, Google Analytics 360, fundamental tag managers, and more.

Important Notes:

  • No previous experience necessary to register for beginners in the program.
  • Learn about and draw from Google’s world-renowned experts.
  • Get involved and apply classroom strategies.
  • Make decisions based on data and enhance your results.
  • You can learn at your speed with flexible schedules.

2. Google Analytics Certification – Become Analytics Certified (Udemy)

If the analytical skills need to be shown, the Google analytics and examination tutorial are one of their best options. This course is specially designed to allow you to pass the official exam through knowledge and preparation. Go through the lectures to get a full rundown of questions, assessments, and more. You are willing to get the certificate and increase your curriculum vitae at the end of classes.

Important Notes:

  • Be accredited to the crisp study material within days.
  • Technical awareness and application of the techniques.
  • Advance your career with your LinkedIn and other freelance networks credential promotion.
    For registration, no previous experience is needed.
  • 20 readings + 11 papers + 2 downloads + 1 practical test.

3. Google Analytics For Beginners

If you want the Google Analytics tool to practice and don’t know where to start, this is your spot. This complete series of lectures aimed primarily at beginners will allow you to cover from scratch all fundamental concepts. Start with the necessary setup and the loading and analysis of demo data based on different filters. In addition, you can learn to produce reports and marketing strategies in real-time, audience, acquisition, and behavior. For analytical purposes, you will have to examine our list of certificates of business analysis, marketing analysis courses, and best analysis courses.

Important Notes:

  • Get full guidance for the installation and configuration needed.
  • This class is not subject to any preconditions.
  • Document observations and make decisions informed by results.
  • Have a hands-on user experience.
  • Track your campaign tagging for the effectiveness of your marketing.
  • 3 items + 1 Resource for download + 27 readings + Full lifetime access.

4. Ultimate Google Analytics Course + 50 Practical Examples (Udemy)

This certification is developed to show you Google Analytics as a tool and to use the data to run your company efficiently. Start with basic themes such as measurement description and transition to socio-demo data for website traffic assessment, UTM parameters, a website search, website speed optimization, or segmentation. Individuals with all levels of ability will take the course.

Important Notes:

  • Understand the functioning of the tool, the facts, and the importance of its market.
  • Explore key reports and make the right data choices. Review relevant reports
  • Take advantage of 50 realistic examples to explore complex analysis models and performance.
  • 21 readings + 3 resources available for download + full access to lifetime
  • With 100 quiz questions, the practice achieved awareness.

5. Free Google Analytics Training & Tutorials (LinkedIn Learning)

Linkedin learning provides you with over 450 options to start with Google Analytics. The lectures will help you to get through site traffic and user activity SEO and other simple to advanced features like Page analysis. The training includes marketing and search optimization tips to improve the correct type of traffic on your website. Some of the best options include the required preparation, viewing, and monitoring tag installation.

Important Notes:

  • In these lectures, we explain in depth how the exercises are started and how the interface is navigated.
    Online practice, as well as download exercises, are available.
  • You can also attend classes without internet and on-the-spot with the option ‘Offline view.’
  • The course is divided into different parts and section tests.
  • For the first 30 days after registration, the full course and study materials are freely accessible.
  • Students, software developers, IT experts, and many more participate in this training.

6. Google Analytics for Marketing – Boost Sales & Lower Costs (Udemy)

There are plenty of advertisers today and the top of your game is key. This course can be useful if you want your marketing expenses to be reduced and sales increased through this process. You will learn tips and tricks on how paid campaigns fit in along the way. If you consider business analytics, please do not forget to check our Business Analytics Certification Compilation.

Important Notes

  • The initial lessons begin with the tool’s basics and show how to navigate.
  • Run advanced surveillance and learn how to avoid common errors.
  • Work on case studies to see how the world really works.
  • Learn about sales promotion and use modern monitoring strategies.
  • 26 reading + 2 reading + 3 articles + full lifetime access 26 reading

Closing Thoughts on Free & Paid Google Analytics Courses

Learning Google Analytics is essential for your online business growth. We have listed the best free and paid google analytics tutorials but if you are still looking for something different check our online digital marketing courses page to find best fit for yourself.


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